But baby, it was in self-defense!

Do you have a type of music, or perhaps a band, that immediately lifts your mood? It’s Bob Marley for me. I just can’t seem to frown when I’ve got Bob on the iPod. I daydream of being on the beach in the Caribbean, with the waves crashing nearby and the drinks arriving with little fruity umbrellas.


I had such a nice weekend! While I didn’t get to those croissants, I did manage to spend time with friends, and bake — two of my favorite weekend activities.

Birthday girl Jenny

Ms. Jenny celebrated a birthday a couple weeks ago. We swooped on the opportunity to celebrate when she was home this weekend. Min suggested margaritas and the rest is history.
I made the dessert — chocolate cake topped with Cool Whip, by request.

Gray likes my baking

Baby Gray inhaled with approval. Look at those cheeks!

birthday craziness
Macayos craziness

My camera battery was slowly dying during dinner. I must admit, however, this is the way the world looks after a pitcher of Macayo’s fabuloso sangria margaritas.
In more sobering domestic news, I tried out the Martha Stewart Living Cookie of the Month recipe for May: Orange Cardamom Madelines. It took a bit of driving and patience to find the appropriate baking pan, but thanks to Bed Bath and Beyond, it was acquired. Also, I don’t own cardamom, so I substituted a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg. These have been a big hit. I love how they are soft and cakey, but the orange glaze balances the sweetness with a touch of bitter zing. Yum!

plate and magazine

My only suggestions when baking these are to use as little batter as possible in each pan. They are easy to overfill and the results are uneven. I would suggest even using a measured tablespoon per madeline mold. Also, watch these carefully when they are baking. They do not cook evenly and I had one batch burned on the bottoms and raw on the top.

a little darker, but almost!

If you are ever looking for a Martha recipe or article, check out the MarthaDex. It is an impressive tribute to domesticity.

Got to run. Bob’s calling. Something about shooting a sheriff?


8 Replies to “But baby, it was in self-defense!”

  1. Haha, what I would give to be sitting on the beach sipping a drink with an umbrella in it! (I do have the steamy tropical weather though – yuck!) Those desserts you have pictured in today’s post look delicious. Somehow reading your blog has this strange habit of making me hungry 🙂

    I hope you’re having a great day so far!

  2. Dude! I have cardamom! I have a husband who likes orange spiked cookies! I need to go to BB&B for a madeline mold! You’ve inspired another frantic baking binge 🙂 Shanks.

    Oh, and Shelley and I talked about you all weekend. Only nice things. We left the other stuff out. JUST KIDDING! I love it that you are the only person that she still exchanges handwritten letters with. Wuv you.

  3. I agree with you about Bob Marley. Always makes me sing along when I hear a Marley tune.

    Those madelines look devine. Have you ever had cardamon before? If not, try it next time with the cardamon – very yummy!

    Great pictures of the party/margarita celebration. Your cake looks so gooooood. Those pictures came out neat. You can tell people you did that on purpose [long exposure photography]. 🙂

  4. Kelli, you’re killing me with these food posts. Everything you make lately looks so delicious and you seem to describe them in even more tantalizing detail. Don’t you realize how many of us out here are trying to get back into summer clothes this month!!? 😉
    (Love the dying battery shot!)

  5. … but i didn’t shoot no deputy. (oh no no) … 🙂

    try ethiopia. bob marley (naturally!) everywhere you go. always in the background. you think waves. i think tiny coffee houses.

  6. I love Bob too!!! 🙂 Everything seems so much better with Bob playing in the background.

    The Madelines look like heaven! I’d Love to make some soon, after I buy the pan of course! 🙂

  7. Nothing like Bob to lift the spirits. Love him! 🙂

    The picture effects are quite cool – yep, similar to a sangria haze! 🙂

    Best wishes,

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