By the numbers

June 1st

MMay 2010

I celebrated the end of another lovely month with a fantastic Memorial weekend. By the numbers:

2500: yards swam

300: miles driven around town

200: pages read to finish “The Elegance of the Hedgehog,” which finished strong. The first 100 pages of this book are simple torture. The last 200 pick up speed and are quite lovely. I’m glad I finished it. 3 out of 5 bananas.

100: pages deliciously inhaled of “The Lonely Polygamist.” Oh, if you need a summer read — pick this up TODAY. Such a fun book. I think I have a book crush on Brady Udall.

24: Cookies baked — chocolate chip, carob, coconut

20: Tomatoes diced for bruschetta, salsa, pasta sauce

6: Slices of pizza enjoyed over the long weekend, pages written of novel #2, songs purchased on iTunes for my summer music mix

4: times I texted my brother asking him to return! my! calls!, hours spent napping on the couch with a book on my chest

3: new children in my Sunday School class, hand-me-down coats given to me by a girlfriend, movies watched

2: Mountains climbed, friends fed, blueberry cobblers baked, shoes purchased

1: Baby hat knit, bikini worn, bbq attended, birthday gift sewn, bottle of bourbon purchased, pedicure thoroughly enjoyed, dress rocked for a night out with the girls, and for the grand finale — 1 ex-boyfriend spotted through a restaurant window having dinner with his wife in Scottsdale. A rather Hollywood moment, really.

0: Moments of regret (Okay, maybe a tinge. He’s still gorgeous.)

Hope your weekend was sweet and relaxing as well!


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7 Responses

  1. What a wonderful month!! Really love your recaps.

  2. Agree with Colleen – what an awesome month!

  3. This makes me miss my pre-baby days. Josiah is awesome, but I certainly don’t get much time for myself these days!

  4. This is why I like you, Kelli. You pack more life into a month than most people do into a year. And you do it with such zest and humor and grace (scraped hands and knees not withstanding).

  5. kelli, your numbers are way more interesting than mine!

  6. Love the numbers, I’ll have to try that sometime! Although mine will probably be how many dishes I washed, clothes I washed and toilets I cleaned 😉

  7. I’m particularly fond of the six pages written. I’m glad one of us is working on novel number two!