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February 6th

My Grammie J is British. I think I’ve mentioned that a time or two. She loves tea and knitting and all things English — although she’s lived in the US so long she doesn’t even maintain the accent. (Although she does proudly maintain her UK citizenship — and who can blame her in these times?)
Grammie J was particularly proud when I decided to learn to knit. You can imagine how happy I was to call her this weekend to report: I can officially knit cables! She was almost emotional, in her decidedly English way. {If there was one way I wish I was more British, it would be this talent of controlling one’s emotions. Although I have broken her down into telling me she loves me with every single phone call. Ha! Score one for American influence.}


This hat is the asymmetrical beanie from One Skein. If you are interested in learning how to knit cables, but feel a wee bit skeptical of your abilities, try this pattern. If you know how to rib, you’ll be just fine. The pattern teaches you not only how to cable, but also how to follow one of those wonky knitting dot/dash graphs. You can’t tell by this photo (seriously, need a tripod already) but the hat has three sizes of cables.
I picked up this earthy green yarn on Knit Picks and even have an extra skein. I followed Min’s lead on the hat and am going to follow Finny’s lead on a cabled scarf to finish up the yarn. The matching pair were intended as a gift, but alas — the curse is true. Instead, they’ll be donated to one of my favorite charities for an upcoming silent auction.

What are you itching to learn? Next on my plate: beading.

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  1. is this post written in a foreign language? my head is spinning at the mention of terms like rib & cable (i’m guessing you aren’t referring to tv!) LOL

  2. It looks lovely!

    Nice job.

  3. Congrats on conquering the cable! It’s definitely on my list of things to learn this year. They’re so very cool and I fully intend on someday making a cabled sweater for myself! (talk of “the curse” has now scared me! Steve’s gettin’ socks! [once I learn how to knit those]) 🙂

  4. Oh yeah…sorry about the curse! I have a vest like that in my closet…still, many years later.

    Also not going to knitting tonight since Alison is coming in from GA so the “usual” crew will be meeting on Thursday.

  5. Nice hat Kelli! I need to make me one one of these days… a one-of-a-kind hand knit sure would make the sub zero temperatures a little more tolerable!

    Carrster – watch out! My last (and alas, only really REALLY serious, like marriage quality) relationship was cursed by nothing more than a pair of hand knit socks… (OK, probably there were some other issues, but still.)

  6. That is a very cool hat!

  7. Boo on the curse! If you made ME a hat, I wouldn’t leave! 🙂 *kiss*

  8. Fabulous hat. Very nicely done.

    Sorry you fell victim to the curse. It does happen to us all…

  9. So cute! That is so great that you learned how to do cable knits. I would like to learn to knit anything at this point, but I am still very much working on crochet.

    Thanks for the encouragement on my animal blog. I am really excited about it, and have a lot of plans for it. 🙂

  10. Looks nice on you! Cabling can be pretty addicting – watch out!

  11. Cute hat. Never heard of the curse. Definately learning something new every day.

  12. All that knitting talk – total greek to me. One day you people will convert me, I’m sure.

  13. LOVE it. Which KnitPicks yarn is that?

    I want to try silk screening. BAD!

  14. oh sweet! Congrats on the hat. My first cable project was the Irish Hiking Scarf, or should I say is. I’m not done yet. 😉 I love the green!

  15. cute hat. sorry the curse fell upon you. on the other hand, look what good you will be doing by donating the hat. making lemonade out of lemons! 🙂

    i wish i could knit. well, i wish i had time to learn how to knit.

  16. The cable hat is awesome–I’ve not tried hats yet and you’re inspiring me to consider it. Here’s a link to the free Irish Hiking Scarf that I made It’s the pattern I used to learn how to create cables. I know you think my definition of easy is different than yours but this pattern truly is easy.

  17. That hat looks kick ass! So kick ass, in fact, that regardless of the situation (or your super fucking hot weather – hello 81 degrees? That’s a whole other story) you should hoard it for yourself.

    Nice work – maybe I’ll try this next to go with my cabley scarf.

  18. Great hat…my husband knits, but I only have the patience for scarves. Love that “kelli” green!

  19. Itching to learn..? Cards. Supa-crafty rubber stamped and found object kind of cards. I’ve got a ton of stuff, just waiting to be used. I have to find some time to start. What in heck happened to this weekend!? It just – POOF! – disappeared.

  20. Awesome hat!!!

  21. Cool hat! As much as I’d like to take up knitting, I know I’ll end up getting all yarn-crazy. No, it’s best not to start. This month I’d like to learn how to dip chocolates; it seems fitting for February. Hey, even the failures should be delicious. ;0)

  22. I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to review your amazing and wonderful blog but I finally did and immediately entered it into the Delightfulblogs directory. What a breath of fresh air! I’m crazy about your designs and love your writing. Thanks so much for submitting to the directory.


  23. I am itching to learn to draw. I feel like there is an artist inside of me trying to get out. I will post my latest self portrait.

  24. LOVE the hat!

    there’s so much i’d like to learn. like another language. but what’s next on my plate? i don’t have a clue.

  25. Oooh beading…..all the girls in my office do it. I’ve done a few things, but nowhere as amazing as they have. People are always complimenting them. At least the beads take up less space than yarn! 😉
    So sorry about the curse….but at least you didn’t give the beautiful hat away and THEN the curse hit! I have not yet cabled. It’s next on my list of knitting things to learn – along with socks!

  26. very cool hat. It even appeals to me sweltering on a summer evening. His loss baby!

  27. very cool hat. It even appeals to me sweltering on a summer evening. His loss baby! (Oh, or hers…..)

  28. Nice hat! I love the green. Told you cabling was easy. Next thing you know, you’ll be cabling without a cable needle and knitting things like Mariah. Or was that just me…? 🙂

  29. oof. sorry about the curse, friend.
    the hat, however, looks gorgeous and it’s the charity’s gain! i love the cables in that hat. i have a yarny question for you though… did you use the knitpicks sierra? how is it in terms of itchiness on the head? i’m really interested in trying it but i need something pretty soft for hats… forehead is my most super-sensitive spot for wool. thanks!

  30. michelle February 7, 2007

    Awesome hat, you got that finished so quickly. Glad you knit the hat anyways, curse smurse.

  31. I need one of those. It’s 4 degrees and snowing but the party continues. Colts are world champs!

  32. Lovely Hat, Lovely color. Love it.

  33. one more person to say what a great hat. love the color.