Can of Worms

April 14th

Ok — I took a brief vacation and things went a little nuts in blogland. Usually I respond to commenters, but I’m not touching all the conversation that has taken place in response to last week’s posts. I appreciate the chatter and thank you for your opinions. Obviously, many of us don’t agree. Regardless, thanks for letting me know how you feel.
One time-saving measure — if who I am is so mind-blowingly offensive, there are only 10 gazillion other blogs at last count. I’m certain there is someone out there who fits your sensibilities.


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  1. Yikes! I didn’t realize that it had gotten bad. Hope you were able to revive yourself in Portland. πŸ™‚

  2. Frankly, I am concerned that as a nation we have lost touch with the old adage: If you can’t say anything nice…don’t say anything at all. There are ways to disagree without becoming rude. I have read two stories just the week about the stress on bloggers because of hate mail. There is a movie campaign with numerous version of the same message “I Hate Sarah Marshal” and another billboard right near my church with “OMFG” on it! Today while I was getting my hair cut, I read another article about a website called Juciy Campus that encourages cruel and personal (true or not) gossip. Since when have we become so snarky and mean?

  3. Well said, Kelli. Geez – how dare you extol the virtues of a better quality of life for all people through reasonable sanitation and hand washing? You are such a monster!

  4. Holy crap!
    Personally, I always thought the ways of disposing a flag correctly were odd. Kel, keep up the good work. I for one admire what you do and what you stand for.

  5. Kelli – your bags are beautiful, your statements and fellings are yours. I am likely one of the least ‘patriotic’ people out there but I really don’t understand the ‘burn or bury’ philosophy. I appreciate the way you speak your mind and to be honest, if I don’t like what you are blogging about, I move on, but still come back. Be true to yourself.

  6. Well said my friend. That got way out of hand. Keep doing what you’re doing!!

  7. Yep, I’m a pretty firm believer that if you don’t like a blog, stop complaining and just go elsewhere. (Same holds true for podcasts.) Not that I’m against differing opionions per se, just when people cannot express them constructively.

  8. It takes courage to stand up for what you believe in even if it’s not a popular opinion. But, I’ve never cared much for “popular opinion” as I have a brain of my very own with which to think. So, good for you, Kelli, for espousing your values and beliefs. It’s good for all of us to listen and understand other points of view. Then maybe we can get down to the business of working together to find solutions to problems.

  9. Whew, you’re not kidding. Keep on keeping on, girl. You have the right to say what you think, and I support that right 100% whether I agree with you or not!! Just as I have the right to read or not.

    Ain’t America great?

  10. I’m sorry you got nasty comments. When I started blogging I was well aware of the enormous amount of morons out there, but I’ve learnt not to listen to them and go on. I’m glad you’re doing it your way, a very pretty good way if I can say it!

  11. Just remember that for every person wasting their time criticizing and judging you for the things you do there are many many more who love you to pieces!

  12. I had no idea such a debate had started. Good on you for taking the high road.

  13. I hadn’t been reading the comments and all I can say is, “wow!” Freedom of expression and speech, my friend. That’s true patriotism! Keep doing your thing.

    I think that mostly it’s about the spirit of intent. Your intentions were not malicious, they came from a place of kindness, goodness and creativity. I don’t know how anyone can be upset about that.

  14. I love you enough for all the buttheads out there who don’t! Phooey on them. The world is full of close-minded oafs.

  15. Rebecca April 15, 2008

    You know I love you, warts and all ;).

  16. It’s your blog, say what you want! πŸ™‚ I may disagree with some of your political views, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. To be rude on your blog is inappropriate.

  17. Kelli,

    I find it fascinating that people who don’t normally comment (and maybe even read) your blog saw fit to criticize you about your flag bag. Personally, i love it. I think the whole “dispose of the flag by burning it” is like the Second Ammendment–it served some purpose a long time ago, but no one needs to go around burying flags or carrying guns. We live NOW in times where renewable resources are not so plentiful and it’s time to start recyling, stop fighting, and learn to live together on the planet we’re all slowly destroying.

    You didn’t criticize Glenn B. or Cookie–who are they to criticize you? Keep on keeping on Kelli, I think you’re on a great path toward peace and living in a sustainable world.


  18. oh my…I finally find a spare moment for blog reading and it appears that all heck has broken loose over here. I’m sorry things got so ugly for you. But, good for you – for taking the high road.

  19. amen, sister. xox

  20. If only people could channel their moral outrage towards something more useful! What a waste of energy.

    Your posts inspire me daily, and I truly appreciate that.

  21. What a shame — all that unkindness. I thought your response to the fray was excellent. Keep on keepin’ on. We need more people like you, people who care constructively.

  22. I had to go back and read the commentary. I thought it was really interesting, and I’ve been thinking about the points raised since yesterday. I actually thought most of the comments were respectful, though occasionally upset or angry, which is understandable. Patriotism is a more emotional thing for some people than others, I think, with a lot in common with religious belief.

    My guess is that somebody unknown to your blog was image searching for flags, found your bags, and immediately informed all their friends who paid you a visit. I don’t know what I think about that, but I do think that one of the great things about blogging (to say nothing of blogging in this country) is that people can interact directly with wildly different opinions. So much of the internet, and political opinion, these days is people seeking out and reaffirming only ideas they already agree with. But here was a great moment when people who felt differently could address each other directly. I don’t know if anybody else softened their position on the “desecration” issue, but I for one found it a great moment in bloggery.

    Oh, and I think the illegal immigration debate is also very important and extraordinarily complex and tinged with morality on so many levels and both sides (as if there were only two), and I think it’s brave and wonderful that you are willing to introduce the topic.

  23. “tasterspoon” HERE HERE! Blogging indeed allows for a sharing and dialogue of ideas….however, since Kelli opted to suggest we “go to other blogs” to express our views….so be it.

    I attempted to be diplomatic on the original post and give Ms. Kelli the benefit of the doubt…but, I’ll be more forthright and blunt here.

    What I really see happening here is an attitude. An attitude that as a former Detective Sergeant I’ve seen many, many times. Cutting right to the chase, first…there is a “rule”, or mandate if you will, that one must either burn or bury the flag when its time has come. Ms. Kelli either completely ignored that “rule or mandate”…OR..wasn’t aware of it at all…BUT…rather than admitt she was in error once informed about it, she opted to hide behind “recycling” and environmental issues to excuse her behavior. She simple could NOT admit she was wrong, could you Ms. Kelli? No one likes to admit errors…and it takes a real person with character to stand up and say “your right…I made a mistake.” I do not like or care for Hillary Clinton, but last evening she admitted she was in gross error regarding the “Bosnia” comments and apologised to all, and for this, I have a new found respect for her. The attitude I spoke of…well…if you don’t like a law or rule or mandate…don’t obey or follow it…just do whatever the hell you feel like doing. In a larger sense, thats called anarchy.

    I informed you that I was a disabled, Vietnam era Vet, and our Flag meant and represented something to me, something other than simply a piece of cloth. You simply blew me (and others) off by telling me to go elsewhere, which I most certainly will do, however, I close by simply making a request of you. Please go to my blog for today and read an excellent article regarding “Sheep, Wolves and Sheepdogs”. Maybe, just maybe that might put some things into a differant perspective for you….

    I bid you adieu Ms. Kelli…


  24. Just so that we may have some peaceful closure to all of this. Since my posting the above comment, Ms. Kelli and I have had some E-mail communications, intiated by herself.

    I found her to be a patriotic young person, who, as some of you may already know, served in The Peace Corps, and this was new to me. Aside from military duty, in my book, there is not much more patriotic a thing to do than to serve around the world helping other, less fortunate folks while in the capacity of the United States Peace Corps. Good fer you Ms. Kelli!

    Now, I suggest we all put an end and closure on all this ado about “something” and move on….and thank you Kelli for your honest and sincere response to my posted comment….