Canoeing the Salt

May 18th

Canoeing on the Salt

Canoeing on the Salt

Canoeing on the Salt

Canoeing on the Salt

We took the canoe out this weekend and the weather couldn’t have been lovelier. White, puffy clouds scattered across the blue sky, with Red Mountain towering in the distance. The mild temperatures were good for everyone — the tubers with their styrofoam coolers of beverages, the life stock — with wild horses and cattle coming down into the water to eat green grasses and algae, and the birds. We saw bald eagles, including one in flight, cardinals, black birds with red under their wings, herons and more.

It was so peaceful to paddle along, hearing the water trickle past the bow of the canoe, and see the fish below, swimming along. In some parts, the water was shallow enough to see electric green feather-like weeds growing around the rocks. It gave the river an otherworldly feel.


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  1. Sounds beautiful. I love kayaking and canoeing up here in Maine, although we are more likely to see a moose than a wild horse : )

  2. Sounds like heaven.

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