Canyon Prep

September 24th

Did I mention we are hiking the Grand Canyon next week? And that I’ve climbed a bunch of hills lately in training? (Twist my arm. The only difficulty this time of year is the blasted heat.)

Life at the hacienda


Usery Mountain pass loop

Life at the hacienda

Life at the hacienda

Life at the hacienda


South Mountain

Grand Canyon Prep Hikes


See that water way down there? Yeah. We could hear it for an hour before we could finally reach it. TORTURE.

Grand Canyon Prep Hikes


This weekend when visiting Tucson, we had a chance to hike Catalina State Park. These pools looked like ice tea, but by the time I reached water it could have been black and I would have jumped in. (Come to find out a good hiker’s diet should is not a pre-workout meal of carne asada burritos and ample champagne. Who knew?)

My pack for next week is ready. It weighs 11 pounds without food or water, but with a bikini and waterproof mascara. Because if you are going to do something this difficult, you might was well look cute at the bottom when you arrive.

Am I right? 

(Please don’t leave snarky comments about how I’m not right. I know. I KNOW. Still packing both.)


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5 Responses

  1. No snarky comments here! After that hike, you deserve to wear whatever you want! Have fun and be safe. I hope to do that someday!

  2. My post-run strategy is rehydrate with margaritas, so I’m one to talk!

  3. That water does look delicious!

  4. You go girl! You can do it. The heat is a b$tch this time of year.

  5. Have so much fun, sister! And, hey, the girl who packed 6# of Nutella for a 70 mile hike is hardly one to judge…