CAOK #13

March 20th

Palm Sunday is this weekend, meaning we’ve got less than two weeks to complete Calculated Acts of Kindness. Are you playing along? Folks have done some pretty amazing acts of charity during this Lenten period. (Some recorded here.)

One of my favorites came from Lori, who found an iphone when out on a walk with her kids. Sticking out of the snow by a riverbank, they never thought it would be salvageable. Sure enough — they got it to turn on, and got it back to the very happy owner.

Another incredible act? A friend of mine recently took in a 6-year-old little girl in need. The child’s mother has issues with substance abuse and needed a safe place for her daughter. My friend, who already has five children, has set another place at their family dinner table with a smile. Such grace! Whether that child is with her for a week, or a lifetime, her life will be better for it.

CAOK #13

My efforts pale in comparison. A couple of washcloths in a “congrats on your new house!” gift, and Broncos baby hats.

COAK #14

Here is to hoping you have kindness unexpectedly dropped off at your doorstep today.





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3 Responses

  1. baby hats! those do not pale in comparison! it’s been proven that without a hat (i like to think a HAND KNIT hat, but that’s just me …) on their heads, newborns are less likely to survive? that kids without hats get sick more often? a handmade hat is a SUPREMELY AMAZING gift to give, friend!

  2. Those washcloths are so pretty – and what a lovely gift with the Meyers.

  3. Whether calculated or random…remember there is no comparison scale for measuring the acts of kindness against each other! The important thing is that it is an act that is done from one to another in a spirit of caring.