CAOK 2011

March 21st



I think giving a loaf of bread as a CAOK gift might be the most appropriate. Breaking of bread. Sharing of loaves. Feeding friends.

Plus, homemade bread makes nearly everyone smile.

This loaf when to a friend who is interviewing today for a giant job in New York that would make him and his wife very happy. Send much love to the pair and all my fingers and toes are crossed!

Apricot nut bread — aka: “Good luck on the interview Matt!” bread.

What is your favorite bread recipe?


P.S. I might have nibbled a little corner out of the loaf. I made the recipe up! I wanted to make sure I wasn’t poisoning anyone… Who can resist bread hot out of the oven?! Not me, even with the best of intentions.

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2 Responses

  1. In YOUR book, A Homemade Life (I borrowed it a few months ago and yes, I’m taking good care of it!), I flagged a recipe for banana bread + chocolate chips and candied ginger. OMG. Planning to make it as soon as I have like, a second to myself.

  2. Bad girl……