CAOK: 2012


I’ve organized CAOK — calculated acts of kindness — for a few years as a lenten tradition. Today, Ash Wednesday, kicks things off yet again.

In the past there have been bunnies, flowers, aprons, baking and lots of encouragement to pay it forward. Also, I am pretty sure every single one of my girlfriends has received an awkwardly sewn handbag.

The idea is to consciously do something nice for someone else each of the 46 days of lent. It isn’t about sacrifice, but instead a period meditative, intentional kindness.

CAOK Button

This year, the CAOK theme is correspondence. If you’d like to play along, I encourage you to send a letter, or a dozen. To the grocery store manager in praise of the bagger who always does a great job. To the grandparent you haven’t talked to in a bit. To the radio host who you’ve always adored. (Sent.)

If you are interested in playing along, I’d love to hear about it. Use the button.



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  1. Thanks for the nudge! I just acquired a huge bag of vintage holly hobby and hummel style note cards from the ’70’s – I can’t wait to give them a good home!

  2. He! He! At this very moment sitting on my table are three hand stamped cards along with copies of pictures to be enclosed for friends who have 1) moved far away, 2) Not seen in person very much, but had the pleasure of attending a party together recently, 3) and one for a computer timid (hard copy of an emailed photo).

    I’m not sure I can keep up with one for every day of lent, but over the course of the year, I probably do 40 COAK’s–does that count? A recent one I’m proud of and think you can appreciate is, I attended a friend’s father’s wedding this fall and there were silk rose petals scattered on the tables. I collected the ones from our table and a few others and then with the help of an idea I found on the internet, I sewed them to a piece of fabric which I then turned into a pillow for their bed. It was finally finished (after languishing in a basket for several months–it was the Holidays after all!) last week and I dropped it by while they were at work.

    They loved it and I was happy to do it for them!

    Take care and thanks for the continued inspiration AfricanKelli!!

  3. Wow, I was just thinking of you and CAOK at work today and mentioned it to one of my co-workers. Since I wasn’t real busy, I started making a list of CAOK projects for myself this year. And I’m excited to say that a lot of it did involve correspondence. Tonight I am writing a letter to someone that I have lost touch with the last couple of years. Other people will be receiving photos and stuff in the (snail) mail. I’m vowing to do at least one calculated kindness every day of Lent. I love the idea and I’m gonna grab your button. Thanks!

    p.s. Enter my 3 year blogiversary giveaway if you want (or any of your readers). It’s AZ stuff!

  4. I’m in. Thanks, as always, for the nudge. (Note to self: buy stamps!) I’m also planning to periodically pay the toll for some drivers behind me on my commute and plug some parking meters.

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