Carl & Walter


I was asked by some friends who organize the Old Town Farmer’s Market in Scottsdale to help with the Kid’s Korner booth this weekend. They wanted someone to talk about gardening and coordinate a craft for the children who may come to the market with their parents.

Helping others

Paiting away


Everyone loves Syd

We painted pots and then planted seeds in them. It was a simple, but very sweet day spent with a handful of creative and curious children. Not to mention the market is home to incredible food, flowers, produce and Sweet Republic ice cream.



The kids particularly liked the worms I brought to talk about composting. They named two of them Carl and Walter. Later in the day, we gave a third worm — Locavore — a funeral service. Come to find out, worms don’t like being handled by dozens of kids.


Someone has my camera...


We had a couple dozen kids participate and I ran into a handful of friends I hadn’t seen in a long time. More community time very well spent!


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  1. Looks like you had a productive weekend! I would have seen you at the market had we not gone up to find a little snow.

  2. This looks so fun! On the master gardner app they asked about what kind of volunteer work we would like to do as it is required of master gardeners…I am getting so many fun ideas from your blog. 🙂 Love it.

  3. I love when places have fun kids booths (especially if they are free!). I think that was the best thing about the salmon festival we went to. It was all free stuff for the kids and they actually were interested and learned something too.

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