Cartoon Hearts

January 12th

Remember in the old school cartoons when little hearts would float through the air from one gushy, smitten character to the next? Yeah, I’m feeling that kind of sap at the moment. I’ve got this lengthy list of things I’m truly fall-down-crazy for lately:

~Kate Winslet. I know a day late and a dollar short on this one. I saw “Revolutionary Road” this weekend and while the story left me hollow, her beauty was the strongest character. There are scenes when she walks in a room and you could nearly hear the audience gasp. She is remarkably gorgeous.

Lily Beth bag

Lily Beth bag

Lily Beth bag

~Beki’s Lily Beth handbag pattern. Beki gets pattern writing. Her directions are clear. Her layout is smart. Her pattern is simple. I love this bag. I’m doing a bit of a handbag pattern review this week — so stayed tune for the next adventure. I’m currently working on a Taxi Tote out of Seams to Me.

~Fat free greek yogurt. Have you tried this stuff yet? With a sprinkle of pumpkin seeds and a dash of cinnamon, it is sweet heaven. Great for breakfast or a snack. Plus, each little container has 25 grams of protein, so you stay full.

~Barak Obama. I am reading, “Dreams of My Father.” It was written before he was elected to the senate and it is more honest and human that I could have imagined. His stories of childhood are heartbreaking; his tales of trying to organize the poor communities of Chicago are frustrating. I am so pleased this man will soon be our President.

~Bon Iver and the mix of Jay Z and Viva la Vida that Salty Senor passed my way recently. New good tunes!

Smitten hearts for all,


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  1. Loved “Dreams of My Father” too! I kept thinking … does the rest of America know what this guys has written in this book!!? And that he can tell it like it is … hoping he will hold on to much of that kind of honesty. IMHO, I think America so needs to be led by a man with an open heart and mind.

  2. Your bag looks gorgeous! I am obsessed with greek yogurt. It is just so good and feels like your having a decadent treat. My cousin just gave me a recipe for a dill dip using greek yogurt. yummy!

  3. Beautiful bag! I will have to try to greek yogurt (can’t believe I haven’t since I love yogurt!).

  4. Never heard of greek yogurt.. I’m sure my tiny store in town doesn’t carry any. SUPER CUTE bag, love the colors!

  5. That bag is stunning! I too thought the story of Revolutionary Road was a bit hallow. But your right about the performance. She was great.

    Have you seen Gran Torino? *Loved it.*

  6. ali la loca January 13, 2009

    I love, love, love the bag!!!

  7. “Dreams of My Father” is an awesome book. One everyone should read. LOVE your bag. Great design and and fabric you chose. I do have to get out my sewing machine in 2009 and practice, practice. I haven;t had nay Greek yogurt in quite a while. I need to get me some. Thanks for the reminder! Oh yes, and Kate Winslet is a very gorgeous lady. Have a great day!

  8. Your bag is so cute! Great job! Where do you get your fabric?

  9. Happy Tuesday Kelli! Really beautiful job on that bag! Hey, I’m sorry if you already posted on this Honey-I’ve been a little bit of a flibbertigibbet lately, but where did you find your labels? You are really rockin’ the sewing machine, sister! I’ve been trying to shrug off the warm-weather-post-Christmas blues with some good books, good music, sewing, and exercise. That bag and your book recommendations are true inspiration! 🙂

  10. Oh, and thanks for the Greek yogurt recommendation too. I’m always on the lookout for good sources of non-meat, non-soy protein. I’ll have to check it out!

  11. I am lovin’ Viva La Vida too! I play it over and over in my car.
    Love the bag…it’s making dream of warmer weather. 🙂

  12. That bag is a bright spot in my snowy day, love it!

  13. I love watching clips of Kate Winslet’s second acceptance speech. It’s going to be right up their with Sally Field’s soon enough.

  14. I just love that bag colors, the fabric is really beautiful. About greek yogurt, I’m a big fan, and I like it plain and simple.

  15. What a beautiful bag, Kelli, and your fabric choices are perfect for featuring the bag’s details. Today’s post is so full of adventure: sewing projects, music to enjoy, a book to read, and something yummy to enjoy. What fun!