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May 9th

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I got home this week to a FedEx package on my door full of yarn from my best friend’s husband. Truly. He was out shopping when she was here visiting recently and noticed a yarn store in Seattle the three of us had walked by years prior. Thinking of Emily and me in Phoenix, he went inside and “picked out the softest yarn I could find. I figured you’d like it.”

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Like it. I nearly sat down in tears. I swear John and Emily’s generosity knows no bounds. These are the same pair that took me to Costa Rica for Thanksgiving. I’m not sure what I did to earn their friendship, but I am blessed beyond belief.

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I’m not sure what this yarn will be used for, but I can tell you distinctly what it will not be used for: nudu caps. Alas, the last two I made (for the same man who claimed he didn’t receive the first) were never paid for. I actually managed to lose money in the deal thanks to taking his word that he’d pay the remaining fee. Instead, this minister from Joliet, IL refuses to return my email now and it makes me cranky. I hate being taken advantage of more than anything else. I considered posting his email address or the photo he emailed me of himself “to best match my skintone,” but it is just too petty. Instead, no more nudu for anyone who doesn’t pay the entire fee beforehand.

Now, back to the crafting table with my new baggie of supplies…
Happy Friday indeed!

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  1. What a treat! And how well you’ve captured the nature of humanity — our capacity for stinginess and generosity!

    Check out my recent sewing project:

  2. Grrr at people who don’t do what they’re supposed to. Double-grrr if those people are in positions of moral authority.

    The yarn looks lovely. Enjoy your crafting!

  3. Don’t we know two tough girls who live in that area??

  4. That’s not good! You could always require a deposit that covers the cost of the yarn. Then when it’s ready to ship have them pay the balance and then send the hat via USPS Priority with tracking info – plus insurance for the cost! That way you’ll keep people honest in the transaction.

  5. Oh, but absolutely awesome that your friend’s husband was thinking of you and his wife while on a business trip! How many men would venture into a yarn store like that? πŸ™‚

  6. I’m sooo sorry to hear about the Nudu cap fiasco!! Love the yarn–and learning to knit or crochet outside of a square is definitely on the “to do” list!! Hope you have a happy weekend!

  7. You are such a trusting soul, I hope you are not jaded too much by this bad experience. Now, doubt is cast on whether he has two free nudu caps!?! I’m glad that experience has been balanced by your friend’s thoughtful husband!

  8. Wow, what a thoughtful package! Things like that can just make your day, can’t they!? I can’t believe the nudu cap guy stiffed you on payment. I can imagine how much work those caps were. And he’s a minister? Sheesh, that’s a great testimony. You know, I live one hour from Joliet. Want me to look him up?? ; )

  9. I am so glad that John did something so spectacularly wonderful and selfless so that you can have a better chance of ignoring Mr. I Need a Free Nudu Cap To Match My Skintone.

    Sometimes it’s not a bad thing for buses to hit people. Just sayin is all.

    Enjoy your cashmere – that is just plain awesome.

  10. You are so deserving of that treat, Kelli! And for that person who never paid you, they’ll get what’s coming to them. I can’t believe someone could do something like that. Totally disgusting.

  11. Well that stinks – the not getting paid part.
    But the yarn – lovely. Hope your weekend is lovely as well.

  12. This is such a heart warming story of a lovely gesture from your friend’s husband! How sweet!

    Wishing you a happy weekend!
    -Emily in Norway

  13. That is OUTRAGEOUS. I know people in Joliet – I used to live in Lockport. I wonder if there’s something I can do. I’d be happy to go back and pass out flyers.

  14. Love to get surprise presents! The picture of John looks just like someone I knew in High school. If he is from Tacoma, Wash I will just fall over. That John used to bring me surprise gifts as well and make my day.

  15. Love mail surprises! Super fun and very nice of your friend. Urggh–you didn’t receive payment? Definitely receive payment in full before making another one of those caps!

  16. How nice that someone thought you and sent you a package!

    People that have no morals are horrible. Sorry you got stiffed :O(

  17. Oh Kelli, I would say that your not so honest minister has just created some bad karma for himself. What a disappointment after all of your work. But your friends’ husband sounds like a dream, and that is what I would focus my attention on. A man picking out cashmere yarn and sending it to his wife’s friend? That is one fine man indeed!

  18. Kelli,

    That sucks about the minister guy, but I am convinced that what goes around, comes around, and he will not be able to wear BOTH hats with a clear conscience. I secretly (or not so much secretly) hope that, in an O-Henry twist of fate, all his hair falls out after he wears the hats and he gets a horrible head rash.

    The yarn is beautiful. I am going to send you a pattern that I have; I am making a sweater out of the same yarn–it’s sort of Eileen-Fisher-esque, long-sleeved with no buttons but the front closes because it holds together with a long hairpin. I think the simplicity will appeal you. I’ll copy it on Monday and put it in the mail.


  19. So sorry about the caps… Did I read the word minister in your description? Wow. At least you have some pretty new yarn. Can’t wait to see what you make with it! I am not surprised you mention such great friends – because you are a pretty amazing friend yourself.

  20. Love the yarn. I love the color and it looks so soft. Poo Poo on people who don’t fulfill their part of the deal.

  21. Kelli, man sorry bout the nunu guy. I know you put a lot of work into those. At least there is some good to offset the bad.
    I wanted to thank you for posting about the San Xavier del Bac mission a month or so ago. I was just back in AZ visiting my family(in Safford)for 2 weeks. My dad had a day off and we decided to head over, which was a little over 2 hours. It was beautiful. I mean it is isolated now but can you imagine 300 years ago, that structure being the only thing around for hundreds of miles, like a mirage. I am so glad we went, and can’t wait to see it when they finish renovating. Thanks again, Love Stacy
    P.S. my mom and I also stumbled upon the fiber factory place in down town Mesa. What a neat store, run by old very knowledgeable women. I am sure you have been but if not it was neat, just around the corner from Coffee Talk, and right by the big huge pink cement chair!?

  22. Dang…you gotta love a hubby that shops for yarn for friends!!!

    No more Nudu hats for those non-payers. Makes you wonder if they have 2….

  23. Ah Kelli, as my mum says… the minister in Joliet will get his comeuppance.

    Love the cashmere and alpaca. You deserve some goodness.

  24. I’m headed to Chicago in the morning… Want me to rough him up a bit while I’m there! It’s bad enough when you knit all of that and it’s not appreciated, but worse when not paid for!

    Are you sure he’s a minister? Isn’t honesty apart of that job?

  25. Sorry about the nudu cap fiasco, how rude of him! The yarn looks great and I can’t wait to see what you make with it.

  26. I am sad that you were duped, by a minister no less.

    I am sending my most abundantly happy and bountiful thoughts your way!

  27. oh kelli, i am so sorry to hear how you were taken advantage of! and by a minister!! what kind of karma is that?? definitely agree w/ those who say have customers pay a deposit and then the balance before mailing. it sucks to not trust people to pay but at the same time, honest people will understand.
    and enjoy that box of yarn πŸ™‚ it looks luscious!

  28. That sucks, K! Did he pay via If so, file a dispute!

  29. boo hiss nudu man, that so sucks! but yay for your friend and her hubby. yarn-buying hubby, that is too cute πŸ™‚

  30. What a wonderful blessing from your friend’s husband. I’m very positive, Kelli, that you deserve their friendship.

    That’s terrible about the “minister” and his non-payment and probable lies (I’m suspecting his ministry is possibly fake, too). How anyone can behave such and live with their own conscience is beyond me.

  31. Piecake May 18, 2008

    I wish I had known a few weeks ago… I was living about 15 minutes from Joliet, IL! I would have been happy to investigate for you. Alas, I’m no longer there. Just write it off to knitting practice.