Catching My Breath

Maxwell Falls Hike

The last six weeks or so have been a steady stream of visitors and fun. And while I have had a summer to remember, I haven’t been able to shake the type A guilt from countless projects left incomplete in my office. That knitting project. A sewing project long since cut out. A couple writing assignments for various magazines and a friend’s website. Even my reading — I’ve been slogging through the final book in the Dragon Tattoo series. And oh, that book I’m writing. It hasn’t been nurtured much lately either.

Maxwell Falls Hike

I’m preparing for a quick turn around trip to Phoenix later this week. Professionally, my life is busy and exciting and waking me up at night with ideas I need to jot down right this minute. Rather than accept an invitation this weekend for a road trip to Breckenridge, or join friends at Wash Park this afternoon for a bbq and hijinks, I dug in my heels and kept my agenda closed.

Maxwell Falls Hike

I needed time with the mountains, my yoga mat, Willie Nelson Mandela and a lengthy list of podcasts in the queue. I needed to catch up on sleep — as boring as it sounds. I needed to spend time in silence with God.

Maxwell Falls Hike

I’m reading a book Mini gave me on her recent visit: The War of Art. I spent less than an hour with this book today and felt a rejuvenated spirit for my many creative pursuits. If you are a creative person, or simply someone who sets goals and needs a bit of encouragement to see the finish line, I recommend it highly. It was exactly what I needed this morning for a final push to see several of those nagging loose ends tied in a bow.

Maxwell Falls Hike It feels especially good to have a new energy here; I’ve gone from posting daily to grinding to push out something slightly different a couple times a week. A bit of downtime and my creative coffers are full again. I had a “zone” run this weekend, followed by a hike that left me dizzy with thin, crisp, sweet mountain air. There was even a bit of namaste and craft store’s worth of finish line ribbons.

I might be a bit punch-drunk on a productivity high.

BOO-hells yes-YAH.



5 Replies to “Catching My Breath”

  1. Care to sprinkle some of that AmazinGirl dust my way, Friend? Glad the gas-tanks are once again full and the muse is poised! Yay!

  2. I read the War of Art a few years back and loved it, because it felt so simple and so real…and basically true for most areas of life.

    As for you closed agenda, something we do need a little bit of silence…and sleep !

    Good day to you !

  3. Speaking of that book you are writing…if you ever have the time, I would love to chat (email) with you a bit regarding actually FINISHING a full manuscript. If I would have known you were a book author when we worked together, I totally would have been in your office every day asking you questions. 🙂

    If you have the time, I’d love to pick your brain a bit.

    my email: rachel.meyer9(at)gmail(dot)com

    (This is Rachel Meyer from APS, btw :))

  4. Having just made multiple major life changes in the last 1.5 weeks (moving to Colorado, getting engaged, moving in with my fiance), I’m deeply empathetic with the drive to decompress, nurture my creativity, and take a deep breath. Just *reading* this post made me feel a little bit calmer. Thank you for that.

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