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Fabric by Fabric Sew Along: October

October sew along

October sew along

This month’s sew along from the Fabric by Fabric book is a great one, and is our last. I’ve got stacks of holiday sewing to get started with and let’s be honest — I had a hard time getting many people to play along. (Needless to say, this is the last book-focused sew-along I’ll coordinate for a bit. Still glad I did, mostly because I adore Sue and her pattern was fantastic.)

So, let’s knock this project out of the park and whip up some eight-bottle totes, shall we? Perfect for visits to the grocery when you may be hauling home a variety of libations or other jarred items. Also great for picnics and parties. I plan on making my test project with this fabric:

October sew along

and potentially more of these as holiday gifts.

You know how it works. Drop your photo off at the pool. Winners selected. Pretty much all who play receive a prize.

Sew on!


Fabric by Fabric Sew Along: September

September: Camera Case Sewing Project

Guess what? A pattern I LOVE from this book. And not just because my friend Sue is the genius behind the design. This fleece SLR camera case? Easy to sew, great results and customizable. If you haven’t yet joined the sew along for this month, get going. It’s worth the $8 for a yard of fleece and you’ll love the results.

September: Camera Case Sewing Project

September: Camera Case Sewing Project


Flickr pool:

Deadline to win: September 30th

September: Camera Case Sewing Project

Perfect timing for someone’s birthday today, who also LOVES to take photos:

USA Pro Cycling Challenge



Fabric-By-Fabric August: Swaddle Blanket

August Fabric By Fabric Sew along

Friends, this sew-along is not my friend. I’m telling you, I was 80% through this swaddle blanket (or as I like to call it, Death By Bias Tape blanket) and realized I was having ZERO FUN.

Sometimes these sew-alongs are a tough mission in simple following through. God bless Surya, Sue and Winnie for rocking this challenge:




Prizes coming your way!

Sewing sometimes just makes my impatience flourish. And if there is one piece you can’t be impatient with, it’s bias tape. It requires a lot of ironing, pinning and going slowly. Finally, I got the hang of it.

Guess what project we are doing next month? Sue’s! And it is a great one. She’s even put together a fantastic tutorial. No excuses this month!

September Fabric By Fabric Sew along

The camera case looks both challenging and useful, which is more than I can say for my swaddle:

August Fabric By Fabric Sew along


You know how it works: project from Fabric-By-Fabric, photo in the pool, most participants receive prizes. Have fun!


How about that sew along…

Sewing Tutorial for Bianca

Remember when we started this year with a boom and a new sew along? Sue had a great pattern in that one book and the publishers found out I was hosting this project-a-month plan and sent me a giant box of prizes to give away?

Well. Let’s get back on track. Shall we?

Sewing Tutorial for Bianca

While we’ve had some stellar entries over the last few months, I have a feeling this month’s project might take the cake. Surya of SewKnitClick is a gold medal contender in the Swaddle. She whipped up this project and a tutorial to motivate our sew-along. Check out her fab work here. (Thank you, S!)

And why a swaddle blanket? Because if you don’t own anything to swaddle (Nelson just says no to forced cuddles), chances are you know someone who has a babe on the way, has just landed, etc.

Babies: happening since 1 BC.

My girlfriends who are mamas say the keys to a happy infant are: shush, swaddle and swat.

Wait. That’s not right.

Close enough. Take a look at the project. Post your photos here. One winner to be selected and swaddled with a box of prizes. Also, leave a comment if you have a pattern in this book we haven’t covered that you’d like to try!

Sew on,


Fabric by Fabric: Sew Along

Our sewing update this month is a wee bit late, but I’ve been having technical difficulties. The winners this month include all those who participated. Why? Because I can. And because they were all GORGEOUS:


Surya kicked butt, as usual.

Peachy seams

As did Peachy Seams.  That girl has been sewing up a storm!


no bad days

And Sue, oh my heavens. Sue personalized placemats for her sweet family. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen embroidery so perfect.

I was pleased with my addition to this month’s project. The recipient liked them too:

Table is set

For May-June — it’s dealer’s choice. Pick a project out of the book, upload it to our flickr pool, and new winners will be selected. I promise once I’m moved into my new space, an have my fabric unpacked and set up. I will have a dedicated sewing loft at the new house (and chickens in the backyard!). Thanks for hanging in there with me.

Shoot me an email and let me know what you are sewing. I’m excited to see what you’ll create.

Ladies — I’ll get prizes out in the mail to you pronto!




FxF Sew Along: March Winner

peachy seam -- march winner

Right? So cute. The color, fabric choice and crafstwomanship are stellar. Bravo Peachy Seam! 

The next sew along project for Fabric by Fabric 2012 is a bit different. We will be doing both a project out of the book, and one you’ll simply have to use your creativity for — both are kitchen related.

1. The book project is the Hot pad apron on page 53. Super cute, super easy.

2. The second project are placemats. This might take a bit more than 1 yard of fabric, but not much. Use your creativity and stash. Upload a photo of your finished projects here afterward. I’ve got a project in mind… Can’t wait to complete and share!

And, go!


Fabric By Fabric Winner February

Barnaby bear wasn’t necessarily a popular choice, but just look at this gallery and tell me you don’t say, “Awwww.”

RIGHT? The winner for February is Sgirard1. That photo is just so sweet.

So — what shall we do for March? How about we break out of the handbag and softie category for the home decor front? I’ve picked two super cute pillows I think would add a dash of handmade to any bed, couch or lounge. The March projects are:

Fabric by Fabric March projects

March Project

And /or:

March Project

You know the rules. 

Let’s see who can put the quirkiest/most original touch to these projects. And, go!



Fabric by Fabric: February

The Fabric by Fabric project for February is Barnaby Bear — which works out perfectly considering I’m off to southern California for some much needed time with one of my favorite families. Shep will hopefully love this. (Roscoe wants a My Little Pony and who am I to say no? More like, “HELL YES YOU WILL HAVE A PONY!”)

Barnaby Bear

Barnaby Bear

Anyway — the bear. If you haven’t yet done the project, you’ll need to use a tracing tool to cut out the arms and legs. Nothing drives me battier than tissue paper patterns, especially those that overlap. Then again, these were easy to trace, cut, sew and stuff.

Barnaby BearBarnaby BearBarnaby Bear

I am loving embroidery more and more. I want to take on an embroidered table cloth project, and then I look the stack of lovely linens I do own that are all ruined in one way or another. One friend poured candle wax at the end of a dinner party down the center of a table cloth. I’ve done everything I can to salvage it. Instead, I just place plates where the wanton wax clings. Another linen was ruined at the Valentine’s party when red wine pooled beneath a decanter.

Then again, I’d rather have great friends eating off crappy linens than the other way around.

Barnaby Bear

Barnaby’s cute face, by comparison, was a cake walk.

Barnaby Bear

Barnaby Bear

He’s a cutie. So is this one, Bearlo. 

{Rules to the sew-along: complete the pattern and post a photo to the Flickr pool. The publisher is providing prizes for me to send each month, so it is likely worth your effort. New project to be posted Thursday, March 1.}



Sew-Along Winner + New Project

The shaggy chic clutch, our January project, was not such a hit. Not to say you guys didn’t create some beautiful work. More that the pattern didn’t work out as many of you had anticipated. I fielded email asking “How do you sew ALL NINE LAYERS?” again and again.

Let’s start with what was awesome about the pattern: working with chenille is new to me. And I love the way it blossoms after a good wash:

Sew along: January

Sew along: January

Sew along: January

Of course, I love the idea of creating a project with just one yard of fabric. And making it my own. After a lame first attempt, I customized my second clutch by sewing velcro for the closure and hot gluing some vintage buttons:

Sew along: January

Sew along: January

Sew along: January

Our winner for January, randomly selected is: Surya. Congrats! Email me your mailing address and you’ll receive a yard of fabric, along with a few other sewing notions.

january fabric by fabric winner!

So pretty, right? Love that button and the bright fabric. Nice work, lady!

The February project is: Barnaby Bear on page 227. It’s a softie — and this project will stretch my sewing abilities. Plus, selfishly, I’m visiting a friend next month and staying with her two boys. Mr. Barnaby will make the perfect gifts.

Remember the rules:

1. One pattern will be posted each month. To participate, you sew this pattern and add at least one photo to the Flickr pool.

2. I will use a randomizer to select a winner.

3. The winner will be featured on the blog, and sent a yard of fabric as a prize.

Fire up your machines and keep emailing with questions. We’ll figure these out together!