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Discussing creative art swaps, including “It’s a Wristlet World” swap.

Sunshine and Sewing

Gina is visiting her folks in Tucson this week. I took advantage of the very reliable and lovely US Postal system and got her wristlet done in time to be shipped just 120 miles south of my home. It arrived yesterday, before she returns to France.
The lucky girl lives in France. And has an adorable French boyfriend. Oooh la la! And is one of the nicest bloggers I’ve met — the sweet silver lining to organizing a swap is getting someone you truly want to spoil.

My Arizona Wristlet:

Sun pouch for Gina

It’s a bit messy, but so is the sun. I love it. My mama would be proud I attempted to applique/quilt something in the first place.

I thought while I had the sewing machine out (as if it has left my kitchen table in the last six months), I’d whip up a summery tote and needle roll too. I stole Amy Butler’s “In Town Bags” idea of using ribbon and two buttons for the closure. Such a smart woman, that Ms. Butler.

Gift for Gina

The items that didn’t make the list: postcards (darn it, I forgot!) and chocolate. Right. Why did I buy chocolate to be shipped to Tucson? It is going to be 115 here today. It’s just a shame it had to stay at home. With me. Waiting in all its dark chocolate glory in the freezer to be inhaled at a later date. You can imagine how truly bummed I am.

It’s a Wristlet World Participants — you should be chatting with your partner and sewing by now. You’ve got less than a month to get them to their final destination!


Dreaming of Fall

Nappy bag in fall tones

An Amy Butler Nappy bag for Ms. Woof Nanny. We’re swapping for one of those great vintage patterns she collects. It will be my first adventure in sewing clothing. Ay!
The fall tones of the bag are my way of nurturing Mother Nature. Hint, hint.

In other news, a very healthy 9 pound 2 ounce Rory Joy was born yesterday afternoon. Mother and child are doing well and are beautiful! Baby R arrived with gusto!

International Craftiness


*Updated, yet again! We’ve got more players!*

Combining two of my loves — crafting and learning about new cultures — It’s A Wristlet World kicks off today. We’ve got 31 ladies from 8 countries participating. I am looking forward to seeing what everyone creates!


Mary Ann
Cupcake Lisa
Rebecca (Rebilou)
Rebecca (Becky)
Rebecca (Bekka)
and last but not least, Miss Jessica of Finnyknits. She is the lovely lady responsible for my graphic. Thanks again Fin!

Happy crafting ladies!


Swap, Swap, Swaparoo!


I’m hosting a craft swap! I figure this is a great way to get to know more bloggers and to get my creativity pumping. But what to swap? Backtack has taken on knitting rolls, handbags and softies. Amy does an awesome job with aprons. There are secret pal swaps, yarn swaps and postcard swaps too.
The one thing I make frequently and truly love to make are wristlets — pouches you can carry on your wrist. Therefore…

What: “It’s a Wristlet World” Swap
Using Thimble’s fabulous pattern, or another of your choice, make a wristlet for your swap recipient. Your wristlet should somehow describe where you are from. For example, as an Arizonan, I might use cacti fabric, or sage green yarn. That’s right! This is not solely a sewing swap. Those of you too timid to dust off the sewing machine can relax. It is simply a wristlet swap — make your wristlet uniquely yours — sew, knit, crochet, paint, perhaps even paper art. The idea is to be crafty, share your corner of the world with your swap recipient and have fun!

Who: Any blogger interested.

When: Sign ups begin today, and end June 29th.
Partner names will be emailed June 30th. Partners ARE NOT anonymous. So email him/her and get to know your recipient. Is she allergic to chocolate? Better hold off on the Hershey’s. Does she love opera? Don’t send her a Gwen Stefani CD. (Or do, because she rocks. Holla!) Wristlets should be received by your partner by August 15th. That’s gives you six weeks to impress us with your artistic abilities. That said, I’ll be even more impressed by those who meet the deadlines and follow through. Two digital images of the wristlet you’ve sent should be emailed by August 15th. I’ll put these in a Flickr gallery for us to all oogle and admire.

How: Sign up by emailing africankelli at gmail dot com. Please include: your name, mailing address, blog address, and whether you are willing to participate internationally. I hope to attract bloggers from around the globe. These shouldn’t be terribly expensive to mail considering they are small.

Why: Again, this is supposed to be fun. No firm rules on the size or shape of your wristlet, or what you should tuck inside. Swap karma exists. Be a good partner and you will receive nice things in return.

Or better yet, create your own!

Feel free to email me with any questions. There will be a surprise for those who participate. Craft on, friends!