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A few things I’ve saved from Instagram lately that I simply love:

august 5 014


Turning an old piano into a hutch? Oh, yes. I just love this.


august 5 012


This is my friend, Jen. She is such a creative, and I love her quilting skills. I’m trying to talk her into a weekend here where we can quilt and I can learn these basics.

august 5 011


Grilled salad? That sounds interesting.


august 5 010


Next backyard party I host — this is happening. So cute. (And I have that table!)


august 5 001


A way to easily entertain me for hours? Searching for “Fox Terriers” on Instagram. Nelson has relatives globally who are doing adorable things. And they all crack me up.


august 5 013


Just yes. Yes.


What’s inspiring you this week?



Week in review:


Gluttonous food photo of the week:

This week I was in Orange County for work. I didn’t see any housewives, but I did find a conveyor belt sushi place for dinner one night. The waitresses wore kimonos and giant Hello Kitty-inspired glittery bows in their hair.

It. Was. Awesome.

Come to find out, the danger of such a restaurant is you want to try a bite of every interesting plate that zooms by. And if you are anything like me, you will do just that.


Awkward headless fashion photo of the week:

I have the best of both worlds; working from home, I can get a ton done in yoga pants. This lets me look forward to getting dressed up when with clients.


Guilt gift photo of the week:

Nelson pretends he’s angry I’ve once again left him until he finds the latest squeezer toy in my bag. This one lasted all of 10 minutes before it was snowing stuffing in the living room.


Annoying weather photo of the week:

Of course this is what we woke up to Saturday morning. The day of Adam’s 30th birthday bbq at my house. What do you do when life hands you yet another 10.8 inches of snow before noon?




And entertain yourself with silly t-shirts, and call in the reinforcements (aka: roast the pig in the oven, have a very sweet friend come over early to dig out and prep the fire pit, provide enough libations no one will care they will later be standing on ice around the fire pit, with happy bellies full of roasted pork.)