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Holiday Paws

We spent some time with some very cute doggies during the holiday. May I present Voo:


He is all puppy. You are wise not to be fooled by that adorable smile. He is trying his hardest to shed those baby teeth and will shred your hands, if you allow him.


I think we may need another dog. I mean, are you kidding me with this cuteness? And while I want something giant and cuddly like this Voo-bear, D would prefer something smaller. Think, tea cup:


Oh, who am I kidding? I love this little Henry. Plus, I think I could sneak something this small to work in my purse…


Henry + Winston

Henry and Winston

Henry and Winston

Glass class

We had two little visitors this weekend; Nelson was first excited, and then Winston ran off with his favorite toy. Soon thereafter, my beloved boy became a petulant teenager. He sulked around the house for three days until he could reclaim his space and his family.

I swear to you, he looked around last night realizing they weren’t in the house, jumped on the bed, and smiled wide — once again the sole center of our attention and ridiculous, over-the-top love.

Yep, he’s mine.



D's birthday

Someone has been licking his front legs raw. I’m suspecting this is an only child reaction to me going back to work, his dislike for the heat and his lack of a giant backyard.

I’m sure Imelda Marcos had a hard time adjusting to prison flip flops too.

A second dog doesn’t make a lick of sense right now — even if I know it would make Nelson happy to have a collaborator. The good news: the heat is relenting. Our walks in the morning are darker, but longer. And even prancy paws here is getting the hang of Arizona living.




New collar day!

Bye bye red collar

New collar

After “naked Sunday,” of course. Or as our current 4-year-old roommate Emme says, “Nekkie Sunday! Collars off, Nelson, Dito and Smokey!”


The Summer Cut

New haircut

After a serious shave and loss of all those adorable curls, WNM is rocking the pink-belly summer shave.

It was getting embarrassing. We’d go for the smallest walk and WNM would spend the next three hours working on his Oscar nominated performance for “dramatic panting.” Such an exaggerator. (I wonder where he gets it?)

New haircut

Just give it a bit of time, buddy. Soon, you’ll have unexpected freckles, premature crows feet, be eating Mexican food for every meal, driving either 15 miles over the speed limit on the freeway, or 20 miles under in the fast lane with Minnesota plates, and covering your eyes at the talk of politics.

But remember those days of sliding on the ice? Of snow packed paws? Yeah buddy!  Being perpetually sweaty isn’t looking so bad after all.



Couch Potato

Someone really likes his new couch:
New Jersey Living

Especially when the air conditioning comes on.

New Jersey Living

{That photo makes me laugh so hard. I love his little black button of a nose poking over the edge.}



Today is Mr. Willie Nelson Mandela’s 4th birthday. Two years ago, we became a little family — and oh, how he has made my life happier.



First bath

Yeah, I'm smiling

New hat for Duda

He is the best hiking partner, and nothing makes me laugh like scratching his tummy and seeing him pull back his tiny black lips to smile wide. Skunks, fleas, ticks be damned — WNM is the best dog ever. I am forever thankful to the Denver Dumb Friends League. 

We will celebrate as we do — with a cupcake toy from Target, a new collar, long walk and Kong full of peanut butter.

Nelson: year 1

Happy 4th birthday, Nels!


Tall Girl


Halloweenies 2012

Dear Friends,

You may know I was adopted by this crazy tall woman about a year ago. It was a pretty good day. I was tired of hanging out with all those ruffians and defending myself at the “humane society.” (We don’t want to be treated humanely. Treat me caninely. More treats. Fewer clothes. But that’s getting ahead of myself.)

I may only be 32 pounds, but the word terrier is just the dog version of terrorist. I can be, let’s just say, a bit impatient when a larger dog tries to make me his boyfriend. So, when I saw Tall Lady peeking into our kennel, with one bat of my eyelashes I knew she was a gonner.

Charm. I gots it.

Halloweenies 2012

Coming home to Tall Lady was cushy. She kept me in the kennel at night for three days; today, you’ll find her clutching the edge of her bed. I’m comfy on the other two-thirds. There are treats, walks, a nice backyard and she doesn’t mind that I can’t go 10 minutes without touching her.

What? Don’t be so judgmental. I can be tough and needy.

In turn, I’m a good guard. Postman? Squirrels? The Siberian huskies next door? Leaves? Sometimes even my shadow? Yeah. They know my bark and they know it well. This is my house. That is my street. I’d really prefer if the other dog owners of the neighborhood would ask before just casually strolling by. (Rude!) And they let their mutts pee on MY bushes. (Ruder!)

I drink extra water those days.

Halloweenies 2012

But people, someone has to talk to her. This is getting out of control. I am not a doll. I am not some drag dog who wants to be dressed up in tiny hats for the rest of my life. I AM NOT A VILLAGE PERSON.  I have a reputation to maintain! I am a survivor of the pound! I am a guard dog!

I am not a damn cowboy!

Mamas, don’t let your doggies grow up to be cowboys.

Send help. Bring treats.

-Willie Nelson Mandela.