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A small diversion

Do these look like the heels of a woman who:

1. Preaches simplicity and has given away half of her belongings in the last six months?

A small diversion

2. Should not be acquiring new things, if for no other reason she is just about 7 feet tall in these things?

A small diversion

3. Had shock waves rammed into her foot Friday morning, fully embarrassing herself by crying and acting like a child in pain?

3a. Should be wearing tennis shoes with the ever-so-sexy orthotics?

A small diversion

4. Who rode her bike 10-plus miles* to the mall to buy them, after seeing them the day before — having regretted putting them back?

Or do these simply look like the heels of a woman who is complicated, contradictory and loves a great pair of shoes?

A small diversion



* Dear Drivers of the Greater Phoenix Area: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD — WATCH FOR CYCLISTS. The very little I cycling I do still terrifies me to no end by the complete and total disregard for cyclists on the roads. In three hours of riding, I was nearly hit 4 times. And by “nearly hit” I mean either I or the driver had to slam on brakes to prevent contact.

In the middle of the day.

When I was in the right.


{rant over.}


With the masses, I love Dooce. I appreciate her willingness to share the ugly and the beautiful of life. I cannot imagine the sheer number of hateful email she must receive on an hourly basis for living her life on the Internets so openly and honestly. (And please, whose life doesn’t include a bit of ugly from time to time? Show me that person. Even monks poop.)

Part of the reason I find myself returning again and again to her site is to see her daily style photo. I’m increasingly fascinated by the stuff people think help define them, and the objects they choose to surround themselves with to intentionally celebrate aesthetic and design. She does this so well and her objects are so varied — I’m always curious.

In turn, when I opened a giant box from Urban Outfitters last night to reveal my new jewelry tree, I pulled out the camera to capture its first decoration. I’ve long wanted one of these and when browsing a couple weeks ago, found several on the UO website I’d like to eventually display on a long, vintage bedroom bureau.


Blingy tree



Funny how when you display something in a new way, it can remind you of the meaning. While I pride myself on not having collections, my jumbles of bead necklaces and bangle bracelets are like stamps in my passport. Many of them come with a great adventure, while others were given with love.

I’ve been dreaming quite a bit lately about my next home — where it will be, what it will include, what I’ll plant in the garden, where the pups will sleep. (You know, the Great Dane and Bernese Mountain pup.) It’s fun to be in this wildly creative space, plotting and planning. I hope to include more photos of my style and aesthetic as life transitions to the next beautiful zip code and planting zone.