May 14th

Sheila treated me to a homemade meal this week that was too colorful and delicious not to photograph:

For poaching fish





Salmon, poached with dill and lemon; roasted acorn squash; plantains with cinnamon

This paleo/primal way of eating is tricky. Whole milk in my morning coffee, grilling sausage for dinner, eating cheese or greek yogurt when I want an afternoon snack? All fantastic. I am satisfied eating much less, with much more fat in my diet. My skin is clearer. My cravings are changing. I’m enjoying eating foods I’d previously banned on some ridiculous fatty prohibited list.

If I never eat a no/low-fat cookie, yogurt, ice cream sandwich again — it will be too soon. Bring on the fat. Hold the sugar.

That said — this way of eating is not convenient. Just like any significant behavior change, it takes a commitment and preparation. Working from home, I spend a lot of time now in coffee shops with wifi. Empty carbs are cheap and prolific. I can’t just have a bagel for breakfast. If there aren’t eggs on the menu, I’m either going hungry, or I’d better hope I remembered to grab something before I left the house. A wrap for lunch won’t work. Pizza for dinner isn’t happening.

Yet the benefits are worthwhile. When I move into my own little homestead (with wifi and a coffee pot) that produces vegetables and eggs from the yard? Well. It will make this all that much more convenient.

Who knew eating like a knuckle dragger would be so satisfying?



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3 Responses

  1. It looks yummy!

  2. I’m pretty much full paleo now too. I found the slow-carb diet was too legume-heavy for social graces…ahem. It is stunning how carbohydrate-centric the typical American diet is. I’ve got no problems when I’m cooking; but restaurants are tricky. Are you doing a cheat day? One foodie to another, I strongly recommend it, cross my onions, hope to cry.

    And mad props to Sheila for her cutlery choice. I absolutely love Global Knives. Sharp, balanced, and much lighter and more nimble than the Germans…

  3. Ooh, keep the knife recommendations coming! I need to invest…FINALLY!

    As for a “cheat” day…I gotta tell ya, you wanna talk about social graces, Phil? Oy, the last time I had pizza with my vegetarian friends was a disaster. I thought my poor husband was going to divorce me! Or banish me for the night to the other bedroom. šŸ™‚

    I cart around a baggie full of macadamias and coconut chips for those times ain’t nothin’ else available. Or Larabars in a pinch. I often skip breakfast when I’m hanging out at my friendly neighborhood cafe in the morning. A latte with whole milk seems to do the trick. But yeah, would it kill anyone to have an almond flour muffin available, fer chrissakes!