August 2nd

La Brunch

I recently visited the Cézanne exhibit at the Phoenix Art Museum with some friends. I’m not sure what it was about this show in particular that made me want to attend; I’ve never taken an art course, much less studied the great European artists. And yet I knew I’d be better off for having taken the time with such great works of creativity.

I wasn’t disappointed.

La Brunch

La Brunch

The collection pairs 16 pieces of Cézanne’s art with a handful of American artists to show the influence of his genius. I know so little about art; again, I cannot explain why I like what I do. There are simply some artists — like Frida and Georgia O’Keeffe — who make my heart beat a bit faster when I’m near their work. Cézanne’s art is glorious. He was truly touched with such a talent.

If you live in Phoenix and haven’t been, consider this my five banana review of the collection.

Get there.


It’s only $10 and you’ll kick yourself if you don’t get a chance to spend a couple hours with one of the best artists ever, before the show moves along September 26th.

La Brunch

La Brunch

One of the American artists I was introduced to through this juxtaposition of art was Marsden Hartley. Consistently I found myself in front of his paintings dreaming of the scenery, creating the story behind the view and wishing more than anything he was standing next to me and could explain every stroke. I’m looking forward to reading more about Hartley and looking for his work elsewhere. His landscapes are truly breathtaking.

La Brunch

La Brunch

Afterward, we had brunch and discussed which were are our favorites and why. It was such a lovely afternoon with friends and a much needed dose of creative inspiration.


P.S. Apologize to my friend Sarah who’d invited me months ago when I couldn’t attend. Let’s go again!

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  1. Just come back and checking up with all your previous posts…..

  2. Great suggestion! I have to know the name of the eatery as well!

  3. and now i MUST go eat bacon.

  4. Jeez Kelli, please do not apologize! I am glad you went to the exhibit. I still plan to get there before it ends.

    So glad you enjoyed the exhibit.

  5. Andrewkfromaz August 9, 2010

    Thanks for inviting me to tag along, Kelli! It was a great way to spend an hour or so on a steamy Saturday morning.

    The Cezanne exhibit is there through Sept 26, apparently.