Cherry on Top

August 1st

What's up Cupcake?

Ready for some cooking

Ready to bake

For a girlfriend who requested a “cupcake apron.” This one was hard to give away. I really, really love it. The gold trim is courtesy of Raesha. Thank you!


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17 Responses

  1. So cute! I love it!! Nice work.

  2. Wow-what a great apron! I love that appliqued cupcake!

  3. That’s darling! Better make one for yourself.

  4. Okay, that is too darn cute. The gold trim and pink ribbon really enhance it too. (How many hours a day/week do you sew? You seem to complete so many projects, it’s amazing!)

  5. Adorable!!!!!! I could eat it up. (HA!)

  6. That is too cute! Makes me want to bake. Enjoy your weekend.

  7. SO STINKIN’ CUTE!!! Love it Kelli! Nice job Sister! 🙂 Happy Saturday friend!

  8. Is that for who i think it’s for?

  9. Too cute!! I always make aprons for friends and then am sad to see them go because they’re too adorable. We have to make aprons for ourselves too right? 🙂

  10. This turned out darling!! What a great use of the gold trim….I’ll have to keep that in mind for the other 30 yards of it that I have:):)

  11. This is delightful and you have a genuine talent for applique. Are those little ice cream sundaes in the pocket fabric? Too cute.

  12. That would definitely be hard to let go, so cute!

  13. What a cute apron, I love it!

  14. Cute, cute, cute!!!

  15. That’s adorable!

  16. The apron is fantastic, I love that cupcake applique!

  17. Now, to MAKE a cupcake that size 🙂 Cuteness.