Cherry On Top

February 28th

My friend Amanda recently raved about a new recipe she’d tried and loved: chocolate cherry cupcakes. She’s a baker and the one who introduced me to my very favorite baking cookbook, “The Cake Mix Doctor.” I thought I’d give these a whirl for some bagel shop/coworker CAOK love this week.

filled with a mini chocolate cake

I picked up a few of these Chinese take-out boxes last month with the hopes of making fortune cookies to celebrate the Chinese New Year. I thought the pink would be particularly festive for the Year of the Boar. Alas, the fortune cookies didn’t happen. (Although one day! I have cute little fortunes in mind to fill them with.)

inside the box

Instead, they were filled with one giant chocolate cherry cupcake. I poured the frosting over the cake once it was in the box, keeping my fingers crossed the frosting would harden as planned and not make a gooey, chocolate puddle. It worked!

chocolate cherry wish

A bit of ribbon and one of many stamped CAOK notes and voila — a chocolate treat wrapped and ready to go.

I knew the bagel shop boys wouldn’t appreciate the frill, so their platter was plain.

delivered to the bagel shop

It is safe to say they enjoyed these — down to the last drop of frosting. Recipe found here.


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26 Responses

  1. Those look good. I bet everyone loved them! The recipe is for a cake. How did you get yours into perfect little balls?

  2. I have that recipe book too! And, better than that, I have all the ingredients so may try them tonight!

  3. I love the boxes, and those cupcakes look delicious. I’ll have to try those out soon.

  4. Yumm! The recipe is going on my to do list 🙂

  5. How funny! When I read about the cupcakes, I thought, “I wonder if she’s ever made that chocolate cherry cake . . . ” and it’s the same recipe! *grin* I made that cake for my husband’s birthday and it was SO good. Particularly for something with just 3 ingredients!
    The cupcake idea is cute–as are the pink boxes. 🙂 If you’re feelin’ really crafty, you can make fabric fortune cookies with some scrap fabric circles and liquid laundry starch. They turn out cute and calorie free!

  6. Oh yum! Those look gorgeous!:) I love those boxes!

  7. Oh YUM!!!! i have a huge stack of CAOK envelopes to be mailed out tomorrow:) i’ll post to the flickr group what i’m doing:):) have a great day!!

  8. I don’t know what’s better: the packaging or the yummy-looking cake!

    You know, Chinese New Year only began 2 weeks ago and you’ve already re-purposed the abandoned boxes. That’s impressive in and of itself! 😉

  9. Beautiful! How did you adjust the cooking time for cupcakes?

  10. that chocolate frosting looks SO GOOD. *drool*

    love that cupcake stamp!!

  11. What a yummy CAOK offering! You are ever so clever; I love the box and cards, too. Thank you for providing the recipe–I absolutely have to try this.

  12. I now know what I’m making my dad for his birthday – yum!!!

  13. The Cake Mix Doctor has a recipe that is maple-squash cake with cream cheese frosting that may be the best cake I’ve have ever eaten.

  14. I gained 20lbs just looking at your yummy photo’s 🙂

  15. Oh my God, and there’s no chocolate in the house here. You’re evil!

  16. Sammy and I are going to try those tonight? Yum!

  17. Oooh, chocolate and cherry, can’t miss with that combo! Great idea to package individual cupcakes in the little boxes.

  18. Darling packages! Goodness knows bagel boys across America would be drooling with envy if they saw how well you treat yours! BTW my single brother (who is also darling) worked in a bagel shop called Bagelicious for a few summers. Boy do I wish it were in Arizona! 😉

  19. fabulous packages! i love the the sweet box makes it even more special and fancy. chocolate cupcakes… mmmm… this weekend i am going to try out a recipe for flourless ones and i am so excited.

  20. I need to lick the bowl of that frosting !! lol .. I just love you take out cases !!! I’ve never seen them in other thatn white !

  21. mmmmm. that looks so incredibly tasty

  22. jaime May 23, 2008

    where did you get those cute boxes? Can you e-mail me?