July 3rd

loving these

35th ave sew and vac

Fatty quarters

I’m thinking this pattern with a bamboo handle. Sweet, sweet moses these bags are going to rock.

So, I’ve got a bit of a bone to pick with Maureen Dowd. Ms. Dowd, op/ed writer for The New York Times, gave considerable print this week to how scorned women — harrigans — should behave in times of turmoil. Specifically, she focused her wrath on the Jenny Sanford, the wife in the middle of the Argentinan tan lined South Carolina governor scandal. Phew. That’s a spicy mouthful.

Here’s the deal — ladies, I’d be much happier if we stopped this. Stop giving each other advice on how you’d handle something so tender and raw. Stop beating each other up. Stop being judgmental and mean and remember that we are all in this together. I read that column and left with the sincere feeling that Ms. Dowd hasn’t ever been so vulnerable. Lucky her. Most of us have been through miserably heartbreaking pain that leaves you scratching your head wondering how in the world you’ll get dressed tomorrow. Without CNN on the front lawn to document each step.

I don’t know what I’d do if I was Jenny Sanford. But I do know that my opinion on the matter has changed since the Spitzer debacle. I am no longer so certain that life is black and white, simply wrong or right, up or down, etc. (Okay, I am still certain that Mr. Spitzer has a waspy wanker.)Ā  There are somethings that fall in the gray that are ugly and horrible and private.

So, I’m not going to bash Maureen for her column because that would negate the point of all women being a part of this sisterhood. God knows, and oh, does He know, I am so far from perfect and have made so many mistakes in the past in talking trash about others. I am pretty sure I need to stop that right now. Instead, I’m really going to put effort into following the golden rule always, not just when I’m in front of the person.

What I would say to Maureen given the chance is:

“Look. Sometimes life sucks. Sometimes life hands you Pulitzers. Take a deep breath and refocus your efforts, words, energies on something that could perhaps make this world better. Teaching women how to handle themselves after adultery isn’t the best use of your talents.”

C’est tout. And it really is too bad I’ve decided to take the feminine high road this week because HELP ME RHONDA Sarah Pallin just quit. Wow.


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  1. Haha, “waspy wanker,” for sure. Admirable efforts to not be judgmental and I guess that is how it should be but please, let’s trash Sarah Palin anyway. Me first. Yay, I’m glad she’ll be gone and out of the public eye. I hope her bizarre exit ruins all her future political aspirations. I’m sure there is some reason looming on the horizon that caused her to want out before she gets tossed out.

    I feel a little vindicated because I actually lost a “friend” of 22 years because of our differing opinions on SP–my former friend’s choice–and I had really not even said how I feel about SP to her, just one little offhand remark. In retrospect, I realize we couldn’t have been very good friends for such a minor incident to end our friendship and I’m glad to be done with it.

    Oh, well, so much for me being a part of the sisterhood. Guess I need to work on that.

  2. Oops, sorry to post again, but I just realized that the website that links to me here is my old myspace rather than my blog. I know that I had been using my blog url before–do you think it reverted to the old url when your website got updated? Or did I do something weird? (Just a rhetorical question.)

  3. I agree with you Kelly. Ever since the Monica Lewinsky episode I have come to the conclusion that personal matters such as infidelity should be handled between the husband and wife and not placed into the public arena, but what do I know. I mean if we only knew what goes on with presidents of large corporations and such in their private life, it has no bearing on their ability to do their job. I think if any of us had our lives laid out for all to see would be subject to the opinions of the world, but I wish any of them time to heal privately. Even dead celebrities cannot rest in peace until the media digs deeply one more time into their private moments.

    Can’t we all just get along and play nicely? Apparently not. Oy!

  4. Hey AmazinGirl. First, I drool over your food, now you have me drooling over your fabrics! LOL Cannot WAIT to see your beautiful projects finished!
    Next, regarding your Golden Rule: Thanks for sharing!
    Lord knows, I tend to learn best and fastest by walking full speed into walls. LOL. I have misspoke in the past, only to be followed by the sudden, stomach-plummeting realization that the person is standing just behind me. That realization is, of course, typically followed by the realization that there is some fact or piece of information that I was not privy to that has tremendous bearing on another’s behavior, action or decision leading me to adopt the original opinion that he or she is being a patooty-head. Trying to defend someone, and give them the benefit of the doubt can get you in trouble too, but I think is preferable to wrongly accusing. I still jump to conclusions sometimes, but I truly think the ‘high road’ is the way to go. Thanks for continuing to inspire, Kelli…Hope you have a fannnnTABULOUS Fourth! –Hugs

  5. PS–Sorry about the run-on sentences. I am QUEEN of the comma and run on sentence. LOL

  6. I was just thinking about what Teresa said yesterday. How even the amazing leaders of the past had their bizarro personal lives (george washington and having children with his slaves, etc), and the only reason people back then didn’t know about that stuff and we do now is the media and technology that exists in our current society. Which… I have mixed feelings about. Yes, I agree, it’s really a little bit too much info about their personal lives and indescretions for my taste. But, I think the thing that fascinates the public, and one of the reasons that it becomes such a huge story for everyone is the hypocrisy that it showcases. Like really, these are the leaders who find gay marriage morally reprehensible? Mark Sanford inserted himself into the public’s personal life when he voted in 1999 to BAN gay adoptions. So it’s hard for me to feel sorry for him in his current situtaion.

    And as far as the article goes, I don’t know, I thought she was coming from more of a compassionate place. I thought they were decent suggestions for not making a publicly humiliating situation even worse. Like the part about not calling the child product of your husband’s affair ‘it’? and not blaming the mistress more than the husband? In the heat of the moment of that kind of situation, it’s easy to misplace anger. And if you do that in the public eye, it effects the public view of you. I think that’s all she’s saying.

  7. There’s only one way to handle hopping husbands – waspy wanker wemoval, oops
    I mean removal. Then situate said wanker firmly in lying orafice.

  8. Love the fabric!

  9. Right on! I get tired of the constant criticism, too. A little empathy, people, please. That said, I also enjoy a good gossip. Ahh, what a complicated species the human is!

    ps. fabrics like that make me wish I loved sewing. šŸ™‚

  10. Well said Kelli. People always want to put in their two cents into a scandal. Best to follow that Golden Rule.
    Have a good weekend!

  11. Mrs. Palin must have something up her sleeve.

  12. Yes, those bags are gonna rock! Very very cute! šŸ™‚ (I don’t understand why American women despise Ms. Palin so???)