Chevroleg, 2.0

April 17th

once filled with junk in my trunk (ha! no really, a tire iron and the such)

Take one $.99 Ikea bag, a bit of canvas for the lining, a square of cotton for the front key pocket, some yellow thread and voila: le Chevroleg, 2.0.

My new signature pose, apparently
inside pocket and velcro goodness
inside pocket
Wrapped up with leftover handle

For Salty. Next sewing project: girl’s dresses made from pillowcases. Have you heard of this?


P.S. I’m doing my first Splash and Dash tonight. I’m a bit nervous. You’d think by now I’d be comfortable swimming in Tempe Town Lake, but it still panics me a little. I did a 2.4 mile open water a couple weeks ago and once again I was one of two idiots without a wetsuit. I was so cold, I couldn’t get my breath under control for 1000 meters. Thankfully, tonight the race is just 1000 meters and then some running (hence the dash). And no, this idiot still doesn’t have a wetsuit. Oy. Full algae and hyperventilation report tomorrow.

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25 Responses

  1. Good luck in the lake tonight! The bag looks great too, what a fun project.

  2. Good luck!! I’m sure you’ll do great!

  3. That bag is a great idea!
    Good luck with your Splash & Dash!

  4. So cool. The bag and the lake (ha!). You’ll do great. Looking forward to the report.

  5. Girl, if you were anywhere near my super-short height I’d lend you my wet suit (that I inherited from my super-cool-swimming grandmother).
    Love the bag!
    (Continued Ikea envy.)

  6. Fabulous idea! Now, where´s my Ikea bag???

  7. You are something else!!! Love the bag!

  8. Awesome! I have one of these…very creative!

  9. How cool is that!! I bet it was fun to make!

  10. That blue bag stuff looks like the tarp I put under my tent! Ha!
    As for the pillowcase dresses, I made one for Aidin last year:, which I had to line because the pillowcase was so thin. I didn’t use a pattern. I just winged it and used bias tape to finish off the armholes and the casing at the top. I’m a well known bias tape whore. Easy peasy.
    Good luck with the splash & dash! Don’t get hypothermia!

  11. Awesome idea – I love how you put the K on the front 😉

    How bad does it suck that Denver still doesn’t have an Ikea?!

  12. Love the bag! And stay warm! Wow, you are one intrepid gal, Kelli.

  13. Cute idea with the Ikea bag! I wonder how many Swedish meatballs you can fit in that yellow pocket?

    How’d the race go??

  14. OOO! Genius! This would be perfect for the wet winters here on Vancouver Island. (thanks for yet another reason to plan a pilgrimage to Ikea.. )

    please let us know how the Splash and Dash went – intrepid gal that you are!

  15. Dude, that is some transformation on the IKEA bag. Brilliant.

  16. I’m excited. Visibly… Er, sorry, awkward. haha.

  17. You’re so creative. 🙂 Love all your bag ideas.

  18. I love the bag!! How cool. I made Miss S a pillowcase dress from a beautiful vintage pillowcase and it turned out so beautiful. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pillowcase with a vintage embroidered hem to make another one:) She wears it in the winter too with a darling white sweater over it:)

  19. That is fantastic! You could start your own line of “recycled” bags for the messengers in all of us! 🙂

  20. Too cute! Love it.

  21. The bag rocks!! You’re getting super creative with your projects and it’s turning out fabulously!

  22. Oh Kelli…. this is so clever!!! So genius! I have about a dozen of those bags… I’m so making some! And I love your “K”. Too bad Ikea didn’t have an “M” in it. Oh well, at least least I got mine for 79¬¢.

  23. long time fan, occassional commenter….actually I guess not a long time fan if I didn’t see this post when it was originally published….I was directed to this link from whip up, do you have a toot of this somewhere? I have like a zillion of these bags and they are great, but sometimes a little too big. I would love to do this! thanks