ChevroLEG Bag

April 15th


Inspiration: my eBay Timbuk2 bag I purchased a couple years ago and use daily for work.

The Chevroleg Bag

Recreation: the Chevroleg Bag — for a cyclist friend who needed a messenger bag.

Tiny key pocket, front panel

I used Ikea fabrics left over from my holiday man-bag project. I am considering adding grommets to the strap so it can be shorted by using a carabiner. Perhaps for round two, although I’m also considering using Ikea material for that one too — one of those giant blue heavy plastic shopping bags that cost $1.


p.s. I need to use my flash.

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20 Responses

  1. I’m envious of all your creations! Love, love, love all those bags and aprons you show us!

  2. Yet another fabulous hand-made item. I so envy your abilities. Nice work.

    ps. Why is it called Chevrolet?

    pps. Actually I like the mood lighting (non-flash). πŸ™‚

  3. “Chevroleg? That’s un-american! Everyone knows it’s Chevrolet!! You’ve offended my forefathers who have driven Chevrolet’s for generations! I betchyou drive some japanese car…well i fought in Double-you, Double-you-Deuce and man does that steam my taters!! YEEEHHHAWWW I’M F’IN CRAZY!!”

    Oh sorry, wrong post. HAHA.

    That bag officially is bad. ass.

  4. this is beautiful!! did you use a pattern for this? the shape is so so good. xox

  5. I’m so envious of people who live in proximity of an Ikea! Cute fabric and super-cute bag. Well done!

  6. What a great bag! It is super cute to boot! Great job Kelli. & Thanks for sharing.

  7. That bag looks great! Good job Kelli!

  8. That looks great!! From what I can see, Ikea has some great fabrics.

  9. Ooh, I need to find an Ikea, that is a great bag..and Adam’s comment is cracking me up..

  10. Adam never ceases to make me laugh with his ever clever comments.

    That bag is sick, anyone lined up for round three?

  11. It looks so great. I love the Ikea fabrics. I can’t wait to see round 2.

  12. The bag is awesome! You are looking skinny friend. That healthy diet thing is awesome!

  13. Excellent bag, Kelli! I love the colors and prints in the new bag. One of these days I think I’d like to make myself a messenger bag, too, as yours is so cool. And I do remember that Timbuk2 bag you wanted; if I recall correctly, I think I was one of the many voices urging you on in purchasing it. You deserved it!

  14. I love that fabric. It looks like a really great bag. I am a bag-a-holic and regularly feel the “need” to indulge in another cool one. Great job!

  15. Have you seen this pattern:

    I think that this messenger bag pattern is the best. And the apron pattern is super cute, too!

  16. We have the exact same Timbuk2 bag (except it’s all blue) that we use as a diaper bag. Way roomier and more functional, and Dave gets to feel all bike courier-y when he uses it πŸ˜‰

  17. Nice job on the bag! I haven’t attempted any bags yet.

  18. Holy smokes! Great job!!

  19. those ikea fabrics are gorgeous. love that bag, too! so, since i don’t have an ikea, i just don’t know the answer to this question: do you buy their fabrics in store or online or how or where?

  20. that is wonderful, kelli! i’ve been thinking about making a messenger bag for a while now (good for carrying over the pram handlebars) and you’ve inspired me!