Cigar? Beret? Inappropriate Costume? CHECK.

March 26th


Okay. Obviously it has been a long week and it is only Wednesday. Thanks to Amanda, we’ve got some scanned college photos including a few gems of me in a bikini and socks in a dorm room, lounging on a pool chair. Yeah. Those aren’t ever making it on the web.


But my Monica Lewinsky costume? Apparently a-okay. Time for a good laugh, especially with another Clinton headed to the White House.


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  1. I thought we agreed to not make assumptions? Johnny Mac and B-Rack (alleged street names for both) still have a shot, ya know…

    In any case, big ups for the costume. “Why don’t you take it to the dry cleaner’s?”

  2. Awesome. Sure beats my costumes from college. What? I didn’t dress up for Halloween in college? Exactly.

  3. Oh my, what great photos! And that Monica outfit is a hoot.

  4. I love it, love it, love it! And I love the student squalor I can spy in the background!

  5. Speaking of Monica…

    Here is six degrees of Monica Lewinsky…

    She went to her HS prom with a guy I went to college with that we liked to call, “The box of rocks”. He was pretty good-looking but there was just nothing up there.

    Love the emphasis on the stain.

  7. All the pics from that trip are so great. Did you remember that you did my makeup? There’s a picture of that. 🙂

  8. Nice outfit, really. Those are pics to be hidden to kids, eventually…… keep the image of a parent deserving confidence, ok?

  9. I am a Nice Guy. Really. I’ve been told that. So I will not speculate about that dress.

    But — both holy and moly, kiddo. *Outstanding.*

    Now about that bikini…..

  10. That is hilarious. So appropriate too, my bf and I were talking about her last night…

  11. You should have posted the recipe for the stain…

  12. Sometimes I forget that Monica Lewinsky existed. Thanks for reminding me of the “scandal.” You crack me up!

  13. larissa stretton March 27, 2008

    He! He! This is priceless!! Thanks for sharing!!

  14. OK, now we just need to scroll down to compare the 10 years later photo (although where the heck was bec that night?). do we look older? i like to think not. and also? i should have bought that spanish girl costume instead of renting it. i wish i still had it.

  15. that. costume. is. GENIUS.

    and i’m glad you’re feeling better, too 🙂

  16. lots of STAINS on that dress! you’re so clever. great photo, too.