Cinderelli, Cinderelli!

November 14th

The patio clean up of 2007, BEFORE:

patio, before
dark, dirty and pleading for a broom
patio corner, before

Several hours of elbow grease, a good broom, a dozen plants and a couple bags of mulch later, AFTER:

patio, after
patio, cleaned up
little changes, big difference -- patio, after
cleaned up patio, ready for dining

It may not appear that big a change, but let me tell you — I went from a dust bowl to a livable space. I am so tickled to finally be entertaining outside. I’ve had this home and hand-me-down patio set for years — but just started having friends over to enjoy this cooler weather and cleaned up environment last week. Since, I’ve served butternut squash lasagna, banana flax pancakes, chicken enchiladas and margaritas from this table with half a dozen friends leaving happy and mildly annoyed with the mosquito population. (If we had Fall and not 90-degree post-summer, there would be no mosquitoes, see.)

My dream for this patio is to install a small retention wall around the mulchy-garden area and grow veggies, all with an efficient drainage and drip system. These are December’s projects; I’m pacing myself both in budget and effort. In the meantime, the painting inside continues. I’m hoping my fairy godmother is going to show up at anytime and help. Or at least bring presents.


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15 Responses

  1. Sweet! Always feels good when you get something like that done!

  2. Oh, it looks good! Love the idea for a little veggie garden…that would be so fun, and cute. Good for you for entertaining! maybe I will do that someday…when i make friends again. ;P It’s been dry, it’s been dry. (since college). =(

  3. The patio looks great.

    thanks for the postcard, it was beautiful and sweet.

  4. Your reclaimed pation space looks great, Kelli. Entertaining outside is one of my favorite things to do and, despite our Arizona heat, we really are blessed to be able to do this much more so than many folks in other places. The folks at Home Depot can teach you how to install your own drip irrigation system–that’s what we did and now we never have to worry about our plants when we travel.

  5. It’s the least noticeable changes that make the biggest difference. I’m all about the improved aesthetics, in whatever form they take. Yay!!

  6. Nice!! It always feels sooo good to get something like that done. Funny, we just stacked up all the deck chairs and put away the cushions a couple weeks ago – supposed to be 40 degrees here tomorrow.

  7. Ah!…. Reminds me i must seriously clean my HOUSE! hhhahahahah

  8. I wish I could come over and enjoy one of your delicious meals!

  9. its amazing how just a clean up can make all the difference! hope your fairy godmother gets there soooon!

  10. The personal casseroles are on my Christmas list… but in red 🙂 Great minds think alike.

  11. Looks great Kelli! Glad you are able to get out and enjoy it now!

  12. Ohh, I need to clean so badly.

    I read somewhere that mosquitos don’t like you if you take B vitamins. Shrug.

  13. Looks great. I’m really enjoying living in a place with Fall. I don’t envy your hot weather.

  14. Love the title of this post! 🙂 What a difference!! It truly looks great, and what a fun place to entertain. Can’t wait until we have a place to put some patio furniture.

    Thanks for the postcard! We must be on the same wave lengths, as something is heading to you in the mail (sent on Tues, hopefully you get it soon).

  15. Looks great! Isn’t it refreshing to give things an overhaul?