Colorful Genes

painting with fabric, colorado

My mom’s fabric painting of Colorado. The detail is incredible!

When my mom wasn’t watching, I took a few photos this weekend of things I love in her home. I’ve mentioned before she is a quilter. I definitely get my motivation to express myself creatively through crafts from her. {My dad is the creative writer.} She’s got stacks and stacks and stacks of quilts she’s sewn.

close up of the clouds, mom's fabric painting

I love these clouds. They are so delicate.
At last count the woman owns six sewing machines, “And a serger.” I opened the closet in the guest room this weekend to find a quilt rack full of carefully pieced, colorful works of art. My dad jokes soon enough the walls will be padded.

star wall quilt

One of her many small wall quilts. Stars are my favorite.

My mom’s favorite colors are purple and cobalt blue. She also loves turquoise. In turn, these colors make me feel at home. She’s carefully added these colors in different ways throughout their house.

blue plate on a ribbon
blue glass in the window
pretty table runner

Whenever I get a bit too confident about my sewing skills, a walk through her house brings me back to earth. I feel blessed to have grown up in an artistic home — one where Prince was blasting on the stereo and we were encouraged to express our emotions. And buckle up. The woman still tells me every time I speak to her to “buckle up and be good.”

I’m working on it.

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  1. wow. the patience she must have. That top quilt is absolutely amazing (as well as the others). I inherited my creative urges from my own mother too!

  2. That fabric painting is amazing! And six sewing machines. Definitely jealous! That’s an awesome idea for the coffee table. Love it!

  3. Wow Kelli! Your mom is awesome! No wonder you’re inspired to get sewing. And I have to say that I agree with your mom on the cobalt blue. It’s a favorite color of mine and my husband’s as well. (Both china & glasses are cobalt, oh and the couch and other miscellaneous things too.) I love that painted quilt … so beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us. πŸ™‚

  4. Your mother’s work is stunningly beautiful! She is welcome to come pad the walls of my house when she runs out of room at hers. It’s wonderful to have that nurturing permission to be creative–your parents sound truly fabulous.

  5. You mom is really talented Kelli, I love so much the one with the stars, the best in my opinion! Now I know where you come from. Give her my best regards, I love the way she arranged the house!

  6. Cobalt blue is my very favourite color. When I’m doing my pottery I make most of my stuff in a combination of blue, blue/green and it seems to be an easy sell. Did you know that cobalt is the most expensive colorant? For ceramics it costs around 60 bucks for 250 grams (half a cup) which is why blue pottery is expensive…just a little trivia. The quilts are amazing…ciao

  7. i so love your mom’s quilts & crafts πŸ™‚
    next time you are in TX can you snap me a detailed pic of my favorite ever fall leaves quilt she made? pretty please??

  8. I love this post. My mom is a quilter, too, and her things are so comforting and wonderful. She has a stained glass window in her house with the same colors as that last picture–but in a Snail’s Trail block pattern. What beautiful work your mother does! πŸ™‚

  9. Wow,wow,wow!!! That is amazing craftmanship.I can only imagine what it would take to get there…one day Kelli, one day!!! I would say you truly were blessed to grow up in the house you did…I guess because I didn’t inherit the crafty gene I long to be such. My home was full of love and life and it’s from there that I learned that when you think you can’t do it, you try harder. So with a lil bit of you help I am going to try harder.

  10. How wonderful! I can see where your artistic genes come from. It must be a very nice place to visit, so grounding.

  11. So pretty. I love hearing about mother/daughter appreciation for quilting. I’m getting ready to meet up with my own quilting mom for a retreat next weekend. She hasn’t purchased a serger yet, but her five machines have taken over my old bedroom.

  12. I’m missing those quilts! I got the postcard BTW. I love the nakedness that I can F.R.A.M.E

  13. The Colorado painting is absolutely gorgeous. The detail is amazing. Love the clouds. The star quilt is beautiful. I’m making wooden doll beds, I need to learn to quilt, so I can make little quilts for the beds.

  14. kelli, i can see now where you get your inspiration… how lovely to grow up in such a creative home! your mother’s work is amazing. those fabric paintings… stunning… such lovely color and detail.

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