Colorful Living

A colorful life

My friend Tony is always busting my chops online for being a “crunchy granola hippie.” This is so far from the truth, it is laughable. Don’t get me wrong — I’d like my life was a bit crunchier. I wish I was less drawn to Tory Burch handbags and overpriced designer mascara. I also never met a $14 glass of Chilean chardonnay I didn’t like. I’m a fair combination of environmentalista-frugalista-material girlista. (What? It’s a thing.)

A colorful life

When my friend Amanda placed these bowls out at a recent garage sale, I didn’t think twice in scooping them up. Of course we don’t need more bowls, but they were handmade, and each has a signature on the bottom. Their colorful glazes would make a bowl of anything more delicious — or better yet, a great way to display jewelry on a bureau. I love folk art. Quilts, beaded jewelry, baskets, canned goods, woodworking and pottery — sign me up.

A colorful life

I’m excited to now be living so close to work. I’ll begin commuting via Olive ASAP. We’ll see how it goes; my friend JT has long bike commuted, logging 1000-plus miles a year doing so. I’ve admired his commitment and willingness to suck it up and cycle.

I have no lofty goals of doing it every day to be posted. I would like to ride when possible to both save gas and spend my morning commute doing anything other than sitting on the freeway. Some days will require heels and a fancy dress. Others I can get away with slacks and flats.

A colorful life

So, Tony — call me crunchy all you like. I am who I am, and this tanned skin, containing all my crazy interests and desires, is feeling more comfortable than ever.


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  1. My husband rides his bike from the train to work and back. He makes it longer sometimes by getting off a stop or 2 before the one he needs. If mine was shorter I’d ride my bike but it’s 23 miles or so and I’m soooo not a morning person that that’s a bit too far!

  2. That’s awesome, I would love to be able to bike-commute occasionally! I also quiz the folks at work who I see riding their bikes almost every day, and they all live really nearby (like,within a mile) so even on hot days they don’t get too sweaty on thei morning ride. I think it would be 9 miles for me, not including kiddo drop-off & pick-up, so sadly I don’t think I’ll be bike commuting anytime soon.

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