Comfort Food

April cooking

Snow returned to Golden this week; we woke up yesterday morning to inches stacked on the patio furniture, and two prissy dogs who did not want to have to go outside. Chilly weather and heavy foods pair so well. I am trying to use what we have in the pantry so it doesn’t have to be moved. The meals have been a bit of a mishmash, but last night’s was a hit: sausage, mushroom risotto, asparagus and strawberries with cream for dessert.

April cooking

I did have to hit the market for the veggies. My shelf of canned goods from last summer’s garden is sadly down to one jar of peach jam and three of apple chutney. There is only so much chutney one girl can eat.

April cooking

I am hoping wherever I land, it isn’t too late to get another garden started. At a minimum, basil, tomatoes and cucumbers should be planted. With any luck, the next home will have fruit trees and space in the kitchen for canning.

April cooking

I’m my Grandmother Max’s protege: she who lived in a dozen homes over her years always had a garden going, and always had a good meal on the stove. Creating a home was a attitude, not a permanency of address. (My mama is the same way. She just had the luck to live in fewer places, and as a result — had bigger gardens. There is a deeper roots joke here somewhere.)

Here is to hoping warm Spring arrives soon!





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  1. Again – gimme that wine! You must be moving right away if you’re trying to clean out your cupboards. This just gives me another change to travel to an exotic locale to visit you!

  2. Why not landing in Europe? Or in Italy, tht would be the best. We usualy have a lot of sun for growing a garden….well, maybe not this year……..

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