Community Dinner: Viva Cuba!

April 25th

Community Dinner: Cuban Cuisine

Cheap red wine + two liters of Sprite Zero + sliced citrus + lots of ice = Sangria!

Community dinner has been on a hiatus for the last couple of weeks and will more than likely go into hibernation again soon; summer is arriving and everyone is getting busy — including this wanderer. I thought last night’s dinner would be canceled, but last minute I received several RSVPs. As a hungry reader of Andy’s Diner, I shot Andy an email and asked if he had any quick go-to Cuban recipes he thought would work.

Community Dinner: Cuban Cuisine
Community Dinner: Cuban Cuisine
Community Dinner: Cuban Cuisine

Ay caray! He was the man to ask. I made Cuban black beans (substituting turkey bacon for pancetta) and stewed chicken with white rice. We had sangria and coconut-pineapple sugar cookies too. It was a feast and everyone went home with perrito-bags. And I may have wolfed down black beans with my eggs this morning.

Community Dinner: Cuban Cuisine

Thanks Andy! Great suggestion.

I hope you are having a happy week. I am very much looking forward to this weekend; one of my best friends is coming into town and we plan on painting it red. Or rojo, as one with another round of sangria up her sleeve might say.

Hasta luego,

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  1. How delicious! Have a great weekend, Kelli.

  2. patrice April 25, 2008

    i like the sangria they have at olive garden…. never been brave enough to try to make it on my own though 🙂

  3. YUM! Everything looks sooooo delicious.

  4. Sounds like a great time, and good food to boot! Have a great weekend Kelli.

  5. Yummy! Love that pitcher, by the way.

  6. Cuban food is my favorite! YUMMYYYY! Have a great weekend with your girlfriend in town.

  7. oh yummy…can you share the recipe? -kb

  8. Oh yum. That looks great. Have a good weekend.

  9. Umm that looks so good!

  10. Looks like a great dinner.

  11. I love black beans!! YUMMY!

  12. That looks like a great meal and sangria…….yummmmmm!
    Hope you had a great weekend with your friend!