Contemporary Easter Basket

April 22nd


Whiskey Tango Easter


To those who believe, a very joyous Easter to you and yours!

As a Christian, this weekend is the most holy; the resurrection of Christ is fundamental to my belief. I read this chapter — Matthew 28 — and weep with the miraculous generosity, kindness and boldness of God. Such mercy, grace and love to give his only Son!

May this season of rebirth renew and strengthen our faith. May we be touched by grace, and may our words and actions reflect our gratitude for this ultimate sacrifice.


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4 Responses

  1. Happy Easter to you, too, Kelli! You’ve gotta love Coors now, right?

  2. Happy Easter to you! What a special time of year to be making a big move. Five years ago I moved at Eastertide and I felt so blessed during the whole process. Blessings to you!

  3. Oh, you are my kinda Easter bunny-friend! We really ought to live nearer to each other – ha ha!

  4. AWESOME! (giggle) Kelli, much love and the happiest of Easters to you and your friends and family! XOXO