Cookies are a Sometime Food

August 7th

August CRAFT

August CRAFT

August CRAFT

Got those Ginger Spa cookies baked last night. In a trifecta of efficiency, these will feed guests at a fundraiser tonight, go to a bridal shower tomorrow and if there are any leftover, potentially end up in a care package delivery for my grandparents too. They are cake-y, but really quite good. The recipe is super simple and if you are  a Phoenician — cake mixes at Basha’s are on sale this week. I’m trying to shift my shopping to Basha’s to help until they right their financial ship. They are very generous in the Arizona community and I hate to see local businesses suffering. And so, the cookie brigade to the rescue!

Hey, it’s what I can do.


And then there is this beast. I’ve been staying at a friend’s house for the last couple of nights and spending gobs of time with sweet Esther. She’s an adorable terror.

Cookies and puppies — apparently I’m still a little kid — but how can these not make anyone happy?


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9 Responses

  1. Love that second pic! The batter looks so yummy, and the red and blue look great in the shot. 🙂 Cute pup too. And, great idea to shop Basha’s. Will check into my nearest one instead of Fry’s. (I have though been shopping more at F&E and only do occasssionaly stops at Fry’s.)

  2. Really? I thought cookies were necessary to life! Kind of like, breathing…or…coffee. Hmmm. (giggle) Love that kissable face of your sweet, long-nosed friend with the whiskers…she’s got a great smile (aren’t happy dog smiles the BEST?–Better, even than yummy cookies, I think).

  3. Cookies look great and the dog is super cute. How can you resist? Have a great fundraiser & weekend, sounds like you’ll be busy!

  4. Yum! Awwwww! And good idea about Basha’s.

  5. Wow I need some of those cookies they look amazing!

  6. Aww what a cute pup! I agree that cookies and pups are totally the recipe for happiness. 🙂

    Oh and my closest Basha’s was one to close. 🙁

  7. Tina in Duluth August 8, 2009

    All my favorite recipes look like that first picture!

    Great post, Kelli. I will soon be a Phoenican, I just can’t believe it!

  8. Cakey cookies sound like heaven to me!

  9. Cookies and a puppy dog. Those two things equal happy to me too.