Cooking Up a New Kitchen

Best cover ever for Country Living

When I saw the March issue of Country Living, I swooned a bit. Silly to do so over a magazine, I know. But look! Turquoise, shabby chic, pretty off whites, bright light, clean living space? Giddyup. This is just my style.

Yes please.

I have a domestic bliss folder where I cut out and save photos of houses. One day I’m going to pull this file folder out in front of an architect and say, “I’d like this. And this. And this. Thank you!”
Ten friends or so coming to tonight’s community dinner. This kitchen nook would come in handy right about now, as I scrounge for chairs and space. Thankfully while we may be playing musical chairs, there will be plenty of food to distract from the lack of elbow room. Tonight’s menu: French chicken in a pot, cauliflower steaks, pistachio Brussels sprouts, corn bread and fruity Jello for a low-cal dessert. I wanted to make cherry apricot cobbler, but I don’t want the left-overs and several of my girlfriends eat like birds. I eat like a bird too, a big food-loving hungry bird.

Off to find a clean apron and a three hole punch for yet another entry in the dream house book,

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  1. I subscribe to that magazine, too, and tear out pages for my own dream house file. Dreams are good goals to work towards achieving.

    Your menu for tonight sounds wonderful.

  2. Aw, that is a very cool kitchen. The bench and the all the nice sunlight just looks like it would invite your guests to hang out while you fix up a quick bite. Love it. Of course, my favorite feature is the little tray on the table. Now I might *actually* be able to pull that part off in this kitchen of mine. (Then I’d have to actually invite people over….)

    Enjoy your dinner!

  3. I love turquoise and blues in that range as well. Actually I picked my most recent sofa set because it’s a light cream/coffee color and I plan to paint our living room a nice blue, that is when we own a house and I can paint whatever I want and not have to change it back.

  4. I have a folder like that too, that I’ve been keeping since my 20’s. Every few years I go through and weed out the things that are no longer my taste. It’s fun to see how my “style” has changed over the years.
    I just bought Brussel’s sprouts at the grocery. I came home and announced to my husband that we were going to have them and he was going to like them. I’m going to roast mine, but yours sound yummy too – I love pistachios.
    Have a lovely dinner!

  5. i swear my mouth started shucking and jiving when i read about your dinner tonight. it almost made me forget how wistful i was about having ten friends over for dinner… i remember that, sigh.

    have fun!~marcy

  6. I have a binder like that, too..I know what my dream kitchen is going to look like–yellow! I love to flip through it and dream about my future house..

  7. yummmmmm, you’ve got to post the recipes and pictures from this meal. I also have the house folder, but in addition, i have the recipe binder. Lots of your recipes are in it!

  8. i just bought this issue a few days ago, just for the cover. my husband and i have differing aesthetics. while we manage elegant compromises, there is a part of me that wants to go crazy with that country blue and white theme, painted wood…

    maybe in my studio, if this mid-century mod trend doesn’t sweep me up, first!

  9. That room is very pretty! I too have a dream folder, many of which have been coming true in part now that we have a house… but it keeps getting added to often. 🙂

    It wouldn’t be too hard to recreate that look, I hope you do it!

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