Cooking Up Some Love

napkin aprons for Valentine's day

I whipped up a few cloth napkin aprons this weekend and gave them out today as Valentine’s gifts.

putting a doily to good use

A friend gave me this embroidered heart last week. She made it on some fancy sewing machine and had attached a ribbon so it could be used as a bookmark. I said adios to the ribbon and used it for a bit of embellishment.

apron tags

My mom included these metal “hand made” tags in my stocking this year. I found them in my sewing tackle box and thought they’d be perfect on the back of the aprons. Voila — a sweetheart apron for cooking up a yummy meal loved ones on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's sewn

Wishing you Xs and Os,

19 Replies to “Cooking Up Some Love”

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day Kelli!

    Those heart tags are super cute. Are those dishtowels you use to make the aprons?

    I love how you just “whip” stuff up. I had to hem a pair of pants this week (ruined them – SO pissed) and just about had a melt-down in the process. I’m so out of sewing practice.

    (For some reason my comments haven’t been posting on your blog so hopefully this will work this time!)


  2. You even made valentines!! Good for you — I called it a day with the 1lb box of dark chocolate from See’s and the arrival of our February wine club selections. Wine + candy = legit V-day in the Finny house.

  3. A trio of fabulous Valentine-y aprons!

    I love your attention to detail and the care with which you embellish your creations….

  4. wow! you’re so amazing. i can’t believe how much yummy stuff you produce! i think you ought to have your own tv show, then you can expand and have your own media conglomerate.

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