CRAFT 2009: March Showers Bring April Flowers



Dear Finberg,

It could just be that I love food or am hungry this morning, but these are our winners of the March CRAFT along. Brava to Ms. Beauty School Dropout for her lovely coasters. And of course, Ms. Snappy worked the pizza. How good does that look right now? Oh man, I should have had pizza for breakfast.

Ladies –I’ll be sending you a small prize this week. Congrats! Fin, are you so proud of the projects coming out of this craft-along? I have been looking at the photo pool and am in awe of the creativity. Such fun!

Keeping that in mind, I’ve got a bit of a twist for the April project. My pantry is an organized mess, if that makes any sense. I know where everything is, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t use some serious attention. Also, I could really use more space and some shelf lining. So, when I saw this craft post about pantry organization I knew what our April project would be. Take a before and after pic of your pantry and explain how the improvements you’ve made make your space more useful. Paint? Add fabric? Label jars? Go wild! It is up to you. I know I have to sort through the cookbooks and Cooks Illustrated first and pare down the number of jars hanging around from the Jars of Renewal project. Oy, my pantry looks like a hippie recycling center most days.

What do you think Finny? Are you up for the challenge? Goodness knows you are always cooking up something delicious and it seems the garden is going to providing even more motivation for kitchen time. And for those interested in a bit of crafty stuff too, a couple secondary/seasonal projects for those of us prepping Easter baskets:

Best Bunnies

and Felt Pouches. (While these are cupcake-themed, I’m thinking tulips instead.)

I do love putting together themed gifts…

Hope you don’t think I’m going too overboard with projects this month, Fin. I’ve got lots I want to do and have been so consumed with work lately, it will be great to make the time for these!


11 Replies to “CRAFT 2009: March Showers Bring April Flowers”

  1. Congrats to the winners! Great projects last month from everyone. Really though, you’re right, the photo pool says it all – there are some talented folks crafting along.

    I’ve had that pantry makeover thing in the back of my mind for a long time, so, I’m excited to make it happen. We’ll see how creative I get though since it’s a known fact that I suck with contact paper.

  2. Well, say — that’s me!! Thank you very much!

    Ah, a pantry challenge, eh? Nice twist. Mine is fairly organized (!), but lackluster to say the least. This should be fun!

  3. Hey – I recognize those coasters! Thank you very much for picking them… I have already put them to good use in my living room, and I’m thinking about making some bigger ones as placemats. Can’t wait for the pantry reorg, I certainly need it!

  4. “Clean cabinets” has been on my list for months. Maybe this ~along will be enough to motivate me to actually do it! And I was just looking at rolls of cork at Office Max yesterday, trying to figure out how I could use some. Guess I am going back!

  5. I’m opting for the pantry organization project. I’m an organized buyer, utilizing a carefully-planned list at the store and sticking to it. My husband, however, tends to buy whatever he fancies we need. As a result, my pantry is looking pretty bad and I’ve no idea what we truly have at this point. So, your proposed project fits perfectly with my to-do list item of cleaning up the pantry. Thanks!

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