CRAFT-Along: Best Pizza Ever

March 16th

Dear Fin,

Guess who returned Friday? The Malawian/Aussie golfer roomie — Matt. He’s back to make another go of the professional golfing world in Arizona and now I have someone to cook for on a regular basis. {His family took care of me on the tea estate in Malawi last summer. They are some of the nicest people I’ve met. It is a pleasure to return the favor by hosting their son.}

Imagine my delight when I made our March CRAFT-Along pizza crust project last night and he said, “This is some of the best pizza ever.” Giddyup!

Whole Wheat Chicken & Veggie Pizza

Whole Wheat Chicken & Veggie Pizza

Whole Wheat Chicken & Veggie Pizza

I did modify the recipe a bit by making the dough whole wheat. I’d never made pizza dough before, so we also had to take a quick trip through Target to get a pizza tray. With some rosemary from a friend’s garden, chicken and heaps of veggies — we ate like kings. This recipe is just too easy and I’m certain I’ll be making it again this week. I’m thinking artichokes, mushrooms, black olives and spicy red peppers.

Whole Wheat Chicken & Veggie Pizza

Whole Wheat Chicken & Veggie Pizza

Whole Wheat Chicken & Veggie Pizza

Whole Wheat Chicken & Veggie Pizza

Whole Wheat Chicken & Veggie Pizza

Great choice Fin! (Although I still need to learn how to throw a pizza crust. Any suggestions?)


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  1. Kelli, your pizza came out great. I’m going to try making it again as I think the last botched batch was due to faulty yeast and not necessarily me. There’s a YouTube video I watched about pizza tossing that I studied before trying it on my own which helped me a lot. The link is listed on my No Knead Pizza Dough post. You could just quick Google “Pizza tossing YouTube”, too.

  2. Yummy! That pizza looks wonderful (and colorful!). And, your roommate–he’s a cutie. Enjoy your time with him. How is your skin healing after the battle with the Oleander??

  3. That looks so GOOD! I think I may have to make a pizza this week. Maybe it will help with my fast food cravings : )

  4. dang that looks good!

  5. Yeah, I can’t give any pizza throwing advice, as I’m the “stretch it out until it’s big enough” person and Bubba’s the “throw the dough” person, but I do believe it starts with laying the dough over your fists and working the dough outward, at some point throwing starts, but not for me yet.

    Your pizza does look really good!!

  6. If you hear a distant rumbling noise when you’re out watering your garden tonight, no worries… it’s just my tummy after looking at that beautiful home-made pizza. Wow Kelli. That looks terrific! Now, I think I’m going to have to stock up on some flour and yeast and fresh veggies! But first…Mark’s conditioning class tonight…wish me luck…I’m just now recovering from the 225 squats, 150 modified push-ups and 75 modified pull ups we did on Wednesday—lets just say Thursday through Saturday, walking was an adventure… LOL
    Great job on the pizza, Sister! Looks SOOOOOO yummy! 🙂

  7. mmmmm… that does look good. I have never tried broccoli on pizza before!

  8. Yup, he’s cute! Good thing you got your couch fixed up. And the pizza looks delish, too.

  9. Kel, that looks awesome! Have you seen the pizza dough recipe on Kerf’s hubby’s blog? That one looks awesome too.. I am so going to try to make my own dough sometime in the next couple weeks.. it sounds awesome!

  10. wow.. I need to learn some new words. I used the word ‘awesome’ in my comment 3 times in 3 lines of text. nice.

  11. Not the typical italian pizza, I see……but maybe, just maybe, it was really good…..LOL

  12. OOH that looks good!!! but the artichokes and olive one sounds good too!

  13. WOW! My mouth is watering right now!!! Guess I’ll be trying it out soon!!! YUM-O!!!

  14. Looks beautiful Kelli!

  15. oh my yummy yummy!!!!