CRAFT Along: October

October 1st


Guess who I had breakfast with this morning? Our friend Greg from The Lumberjack! Oh, it was so fun. We had a good time catching up and you wouldn’t believe how big his children are getting. Gorgeous, smart, sweet little ones — those two.

Anywho — we had some pretty entries for the September CRAFT Along. I have to say, that Junie Moon never fails to disappoint. The woman is such an artist. She takes the most basic of projects, goes several notches higher and manages to leave me wondering how my photos are even in the same pool. Not only did she make the pouches for pooches, but matching collars. No kidding:

junie moon

Say it with me Julia: winner winner, chicken dinner.

The other winner has to be Nutsy Coco for this awesome photo.  Not only is her sewing fab, but her dog is so darn cute I want to put her in my pocket and run off into the sunset.  Send me your mailing addresses and I’ll send some crafty prize love your way!

The October projects, again, come in triplicate:

Food — creamy pumpkin pasta

Knit — balaclava (which let’s just say right now I am not cabling)

Write — Halloween correspondence

For those paying attention — new sewing machine required this month! The rules, for review: complete one or more of the above projects, take a photo and upload it to our Flickr pool, sit back and wait to see if you are the winner, bask in your creative glory. So, no “But I don’t have a sewing machine!” whining this month.

And not to cause too much of a panic, but ohsweetmarymoses, the holidays are right around the corner and my sewing machine hasn’t been plugged in for weeks. Time to get back to the sweatshop this weekend, fueled by some of that creamy pumpkin pasta of course.

Love you Finny! Hope you are doing well in that gorgeous garden of yours,

the donk

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8 Responses

  1. First – I’m so jealous you got to have breakfast with Greg! That’s rad. He’s almost too much fun, that one.

    Second – I loved Junie’s projects, too. I am thinking of copying her and making these for my coworkers for holiday gifts. Because I work on a team with a person:dog ratio of 1:1.

    C – I love these projects and will be making that pasta shortly. With pumpkin puree from last summer’s pumpkins (it’s frozen in the chestie – don’t freak out.)

  2. I don’t knit, but cooking and creating cards, that I can do! Great projects, I can’t wait to start 🙂

  3. C’mon, you can totally cable if you want to!!! (But if you wuss out, you might want to play around with the stitch counts a little, because cabling pulls in the knitting fabric and requires more stitches. I’d say if the pattern calls for 2 stitches crossing over 2 other stitches, you only need 2 stitches total in place of that cable.)

  4. Junie really is a master zen expert in this (and many other) crafts. I really love those collars, and I don’t even have a dog!
    Can’t wait to taste the pasta….mmmmmm!

  5. These pet collars were so cute I almost want to make one for my children. But… I’m thinking that might be an invitation for a visit from child protective services. Just saying.

  6. I made the Halloween cards this morning, they’re so cute!

    I can’t wait for my people to get them. Thank you for passing on this cute idea. 🙂

    Tonight on the table, creamy pumpkin pasta…

  7. I just returned from vacation and am trying to catch up on blog posts I’ve missed and what do I find? Kind words about me making me blush (but I admit to be super tickled).