CRAFT: August

August 3rd

Gorgeous color


Good choice on the July projects — there are several super pretty scarves girls whipped up (including yours). Lovely! The winner is this gorgeous girl. I like the color, the fact she posted a photo of herself and that she just seems very cheery. Brava! Thanks to everyone who played along.

Be wary

For August, I’ve got two sewing projects and a recipe for us to try. First, let me just say that these selections are 100% selfish. I have some things I need to take care of around the house and I’m doing the whole two birds with one stone thing. I know we started this sew-along ages ago complaining about how all the craft books were too focused on the dreaded three Ps — placemats, pillowcases and purses — but I need some of these. I have boxes of scraps, no placemats of my own and a couple gifts to make. They don’t have to follow this tutorial exactly; the idea is to create placemats from scraps and being environmentally and thrifty-chic in the process.

Prickles get ready to boil

The second project is a bit more complicated. I can’t find exactly what I want on Craft, but I can find something close and explain the details. My little home’s windows and doors are old. They don’t seal properly and as you can imagine, this time of year in Phoenix, it’s like I am watching dollar bills fly away via air conditioning. What I want to sew are some long, narrow beanbags that can be placed along the door frame and along window ledges. The idea is the tubes will keep the cold in and the hot out. This is as close of a as tutorial I could find. I think beans would work best, but perhaps rice or another grain too?*

Thanks to April and Colleen — this is exactly what I am talking about. Draft stoppers!

Boil and toil...

Finally, to spice things up and reward ourselves for being so green and crafty — how about a dozen of these? Yum. Ginger cookies are my favorite.


I know we’ve talked quite a bit lately about using what we have at hand, making the most of our gardens and being wise financially. I think honoring these lifestyle choices in our projects makes sense. A recent example of such crafty frugalness: homemade prickly pear jelly — one of the few desert summer dweller perks. Perhaps I’ll have a dollop on one of those cookies soon, eaten on a place over a lovely new placemat in a kitchen with windows lined with beanbags.

Yes. To all of that, I say yes.



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18 Responses

  1. Sounds like you’ll have a busy (and domestic!) August. Your prickly pics are so pretty. 🙂

  2. Ooh, can’t wait to see those placemats! Super cute. Your jelly looks delish!!

  3. Looks like you’ve got a busy month ahead being so crafty and all. Good luck with it all, I know it will be amazing.

  4. In one of my Lotta Jansdotter books there’s a pattern/tutorial for a draft stop like you’re talking about. I can look it up and send if you’re interested!

  5. Nice choices, Donk – I’ve got the sidebar all updated and I’m sure I have some fabric scraps that can lend themselves to being incorporated into placemats. Of course, my patchworking skills are nil – so we’ll see how it goes.

    Great winner choice! Love that scarf!

  6. Good choices all! These are right up my “needs” alley, too. Now, if only I could keep track of the month a little better….

  7. You can make draft stoppers in the shape of dachshunds.

    Just sayin’. 😉

  8. I’ve used cheap kitty litter to fill draft dodgers before. The cheap stuff is pretty dusty, but I always get a little freaked about “wasting” food for projects like this…

    It works well and no critters are tempted by the possibility of free food.

  9. Wow-I totally need to make those draft dodgers for the opposite reason: warm air escaping in the winter. The jelly looks so pretty! Way to can in the heat!

  10. Tina in Duluth August 3, 2009

    Did your jelly set up and seal this year?

  11. Oh yum! My sister and brother in law usually make some for me. My nieces love to make it with them and the oldest niece even made it in to a national contest with a recipe she made up using prickly pear jam on a hamburger.

  12. I see the crystalized sugar at the top again, but at least it can be scraped off before using rest of jar. We need to find a new prickly pear jelly recipe! Have you found another?

  13. One other commenbt I noticed your jelly jar isn;t full. Before a water bath they need to be filled with only a 1/4-inch headspace to can properly and last without turning color, etc. The color of the jelly is awesome!

  14. ali la loca August 4, 2009

    OMG – fabulous!!

  15. My girlfriend and I were just discussing prickly pear jelly the other day. I have a huge prickly pear cactus in the yard that was my grandparents many years ago, and I think I just might give this a try.