Craft Patriot

A craft splurge

I have been pretty diligent about not purchasing more art supplies for the last 6 months. I’ve created knitting projects from scrap, made journals with left over pieces of paper, and sewn myself silly with my stashed supply. However, the holidays bring a new list of projects that required a bit of splurging. Plus, I heard the economy could use us to all spend a bit. Patriotically, I obliged.

New paper supplies

I spent an afternoon with Charlene {Kinchie}, and she introduced me to two new paper stores nearby. I was lucky to have escaped for less than $30.

Cigar box

How great is this cigar box? It is from Nicaragua {swoon!} and it is reused. I’m going to add some sass and create a correspondence kit as one of many handmade holiday gifts.

New baby gift supplies

Soft yellow fleece and new ribbon for tag baby blankies. If I were a considerably more talented and patient seamstress, I’d consider a project like this. How amazing is that Frida quilt and the process? Caray.

What are you working on?


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  1. i just made a list of all the knitting projects i’ve got going on!

    * slippers for kids (two down, one to go, then felting)
    * blanket for a babe-to-be
    * sweater and pants set for same babe-to-be
    * hats and booties for same said babe-to-be
    * preemie hats for the NICU
    * mittens for all the gals in my world (none down, three pair to go!)
    * sewing squares together for charity blankets
    * nun hats (posted about this today)

    plus, i want to make stationary sets out of some scrap paper i’ve got laying around, and i’m about to embark on a “photo album scrapbook” for my friend who just got married.

    oh, and the album i’ve got to add some writing to for my mom.

    i feel like i may have lost my mind a little.

  2. I say “no way!” to the Frida quilt! Can you believe the vision and craftsmanship???

    I’ve made:
    – oodles of scarves
    – oodles of flower brooches
    – several burp clothes trimmed in awesome fabric
    – several 3 dimensional balls for babies
    – a whole patch of crocheted pumpkins
    – crocheted two baby bonnets, a baby cap, a pumpkin hat, an oscar the grouch hat, a snowman hat, a skully, 1 1/2 shaws, a neckwarmer, and more that I cannot remember
    – oodles of gift tags
    – working on several fabric birds (from M.S. Christmas book of years gone by) for my bird Christmas tree

    That doesn’t scratch the surface of what is rattling around inside my brain, so like Robyn above, I feel like I’ve lost my mind a little.

  3. Paper stores are so fun! They are my candy store I tell you. I always enjoy seeing your finished crafts. Looking forward to seeing pics of your handmade holiday gifts! I need to get cranking on some neglected scrapbooking.

  4. I’m thinking about putting my fabric stash to good use and whipping up some reusable grocery bags.
    And I have WAY too much yarn. Scarves for everyone!

  5. Paper I can really relate to, sewing not so much. I really admire people who have the patience to sew. And Jennifer — what a great idea to make reusable grocery bags! We use them but have had to purchase them. I am sure your friends and family would appreciate those and use them all the time.

  6. WOW that quilt is AMAZING. I am working on some ornaments from a kit I bought a while ago… I think I’m going to attach them to presents.

  7. good for you for helping the economy.
    most of the men in our family are getting throw blakets (easy peasy, just bind the edges). kids are getting monogrammed towels or fleece scarves and matching earflap hats via angry chicken’s pattern from a few years back. our siblings’ families are getting advent calendars. and if i’m extra industrious after the kids are in bed, eliot is getting a quilt and aidin is getting doll clothes for kit and ruthie, her american girl dolls.
    but i’m stumped for my mother-in-law….

  8. I have to ration paper stores, and even then I never get out for less than $50. And at the current time, I have way more than I need; so even being patriotic would be wasteful (or is that an oxymoron?). Anywho, still trying to find time to create handmade cards out of leftover travel pictures. Also I have what I need to make a scrapbook of my cat, and a scrapbook of Disney trips (we had an annual pass to Disneyland a couple of years ago). Last, but not least, we’re taking my niece to see The Lion King next June and I want to make an amazing poster for her for Christmas so she’ll have something to look at for the next 6 months.

  9. I just made fleece cowls for the boys to wear while doing chores, and had plenty of fleece left over so I made a little jacket for Max the wiener dog. For Christmas, I just have a few odds and ends to work on but my husband and all three boys just requested hand knit slippers so I need to get going on that!!

    ps. that cigar box is neat!!!

  10. I had to ration myself from buying new stationery. Having our first baby has helped use up my stash, though, with all those thank-you notes.

    I hear you on the paper stores. I really do hear you. Lately I’ve just steered clear.

    Your peeps are lucky! And good luck with the AZ gardening!

  11. I LOVE paper crafts. I recently was inspired by a friend to use chipboard and scrapbook paper to create a dimensional christmas tree. I was so inspired that now I am seeing chipboard in all the usual (back of my notebook) and not so usual places (pasta box. It feels good to use something that otherwise would have been thrown away.

    I also love the idea of handmade gifts no matter what the occasion. It comes from the heart.

  12. I love new craft supplies…think of all the possibilities! I completed some hotpads, small purses and make-up bags. Tonight, I will start working on a pillow sham that I designed for my 10 year old niece…I hope it works out! I also have some knitting projects that I want to finish before starting something new. Have fun crafting!

  13. I am working on a quilt for my mother this Christmas. It will be my first attempt at applique and is meant to represent all of the beautiful flowers she grew while I was growing up. Now I just hope I finish it by December 25! Your craft projects look like lots of fun.

  14. omg, the frida quilt–that is insane..amazing, but insane..
    I’m knitting “Belinda” from the new Mason-Dixon Knitting book, that’s really the only project I’ve got going at the moment..but yesterday I saw all kinds of neat Martha Stewart clear Christmas themed stamps at Wal-Mart and I’m dreaming about making Christmas cards and party invites and so on…

  15. I love all of your goodies!!! Love,Love, LOVE the cigar box!! I’m not working on much these days, lots of babies and my sewing machine is in the shop..:( Hopefully when I get it back I’ll be working on some Christmas projects, I was in the middle of making the baby a Christmas outfit!

  16. Yes, less is more around here too! This year I looked for some items that are cheap and local for my gifts, and I tried to save money. I don’t know if in the end everything will be ok, but at least I did my best.

  17. I like looking in paper stores but I don’t buy anything anymore. I never knew what do do with something after I bought it. There’s a store in Portland you’d love so you’ll have to let me know if you ever head that way.

    PS I’m back from Boston. I’ll fill you in soon.

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