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This weekend allowed for time to sew both Saturday and Sunday afternoon. I was in heaven. I rummaged through a giant box of fabric I’ve hauled around for several years to find a patchwork project I’d started in New Jersey, when my machine broke. Thankfully, there is a great repair shop in Chandler and my sewing machine is back in order. (By “great” repair shop, I mean they do good work.  Their repair dude knows his way around a sewing machine and I have had machines repaired there a couple times over the years. Otherwise, this is the typical crabby old lady fabric and sewing shop that makes me want to scream. They aren’t kind. They aren’t even polite. The antitheses of, say, Fancy Tiger.)

Stepping off my Yelp soapbox for a moment: the weekend was the perfect time to finish up those patchwork purses:

Back to sewing

Also, I bought some of this vegetable fabric at Ikea a while back. I also, coincidentally, gave their vegetable book to my favorite 4 year old for Christmas. I figured she may need a vegetable pillow case to go with that book, especially one trimmed with “peas:”

Back to sewing

Back to sewing

Love that munchkin. And, of course, the not-so-subtle promotion of public health messages, like, “eat your veggies!”

Sew on, friends,


4 Replies to “Creative Time”

  1. Love the peas! I managed to sneak in a a little craftin time last weekend too — I forgot how great long drives were for knitting! Maybe, just maybe, I will manage to knit this new kid a stocking before his first Christmas!

  2. Have you ever been to Bernina Connection on Indian School and 44th St.? They’re super sweet there and have a fun selection of fabric (like Amy Butler and so on).

  3. How sad that there are grouchy people at the fabric store! Most of my young life I worked at fabric stores. It’s still my favorite job when I look back. Most people going there to shop are happy people, doing something fun. Not like going to say a USDA office lol. (except at Halloween time, I hated that time of year!)

    That veggie pillow case with “peas” is just ADORABLE! What a cute idea. I should make my nieces some cute pillow cases or something.

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