March 15th

Cupcake baby hat

There was a knitting frenzy underway the last couple of days. A knitting frenzy that makes me blush a bit with confusion. I simply don’t understand why people stare like I’m crazy for knitting in public. It’s KNITTING. Not porn. Not flossing my teeth. Not clipping my toe nails. We are talking about two innocent needles and a ball of yarn. It’s a silly hobby and certainly not that archaic. I’m not carving wood, staining glass or weaving a basket. (Although, to be honest, those do sound fun.) Knitting in a bowling alley, at a stop light, waiting between yoga classes, before church starts? This makes as much social sense as everyone on a smart phone in the same settings. But I end up with a cute hat.

I went to a fun baby shower yesterday and have several more I’m looking forward to. I mentioned a few days ago that I wanted to replicate a cupcake hat I’d seen online. Here is my take — complete with a cherry on top. (Cupcake Baby Hat pattern pdf, for those interested.)

knitting/crocheted bell cap for Tiff

And this adult bell hat is another reproduction from an REI find for my friend Tiffany. She found a hat at the store she really liked, but it was stupidly priced. She took a camera photo and asked if I could make something similar. I don’t know how to crochet, so I called my mom in Texas and we agreed to work on it together. I knit the cap, mailed it to my mama and she added the crochet edge. It is one of my favorite colors and I hope it will serve Tiff well in the cold Midwest. I’m hoping she sends a photo!


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Cupcake Baby Hat
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  1. HOW CUTE! I love knitting and crocheting in public, just for the weird stares. There are actually quite a few public places where dorks like us love to knit in public – I always give them knowing smiles and we have a nerd bond for the world to see.

  2. Juliann March 15, 2010

    I totally think you are weird for knitting at bowling. Unless, of course, you are knitting bowling shirts.

  3. Kelli – awesome job on that cupcake! It is really cute!

    I mentioned knitting on my Facebook status and a few people are calling me “Granny” – I guess they will not be getting anything cute in the mail! I got a little self-conscious at the airport the other day knitting away as I waiting for a delayed flight. People were staring in disdain. I didn’t care, but cared even less when another knitter sat down beside me. Now that I think about it, she did make a comment that made me feel like we were in a self-imposed banishment. hmm

    No one warned me of the prejudice I’d endure when I began knitting 5 months ago! 😉

  4. Heh- I always get stared at while knitting in public. I think it’s strange, too. I guess I should just sit and stare into space while waiting at the orthodontist’s office, like most of the people. Except of course, for the ones who are staring at me!! Love the hats -esp. the cupcake!!! I need more babies to knit for!!

    • Me, when I see someone staring I like to break the ice with asking them a simple question like “Do you knit?”

      I guess we’re lucky here where I live. A lot of people still knit. Sadly though, knitted projects aren’t often appreciated and when given as gifts often thrown aside for store bought things or end up at the local thrift shops. Most people see homemade gifts as something inferior to store bought. It’s sad, but true. Around here if you give homemade gifts for Christmas, it usually means you don’t have money to buy proper gifts for the family.

      What’s this world coming to?

  5. I actually get more positive than negative feedback when knitting in public – it’s amazing the number of guys that mention something about their mother knitting for them when they were young. Your cupcake hat is super cute!

  6. They’re both cute. I don’t think I’ve ever stared at someone knitting in public…I hope, anyway…

  7. Cute hats. 🙂 I can crochet, but can’t knit. Need to improve on both. 🙂

  8. That hat is so cutteee.. I love it. Actually, they are staring at your out of admiration, as well as being curious as to what you are creating. Most people are just too shy though to come up and ask how you knit and to get us to show them.

    My friend Cathy and I would often take our loom knitting with us to the bookstore’s coffee shop. There we’d sit and knit, sip coffee, and chat while our sons would go about the store browsing at books quite happily. My son’s 15 and could still sit for hours in a book store looking at everything of interest.

    We would often get stares from the curious and once in a while a brave soul would come up and ask what we were making. Usually it’s someone interested in learning, or someone who knits and just likes to chat for the love of it.

    My friend has now graduated to knitting needles and no longer uses the round looms to knit though. Me, I still loom knit. 🙂

  9. Tiffany received the beauty today and LOVES it! Thank you Thank you to you and Mama, too! I tried it on, it fits great, the color is beautiful, and I think it is WAY better than the one at Moosejaw 🙂 Plus it has a really fun story and a cross country journey 🙂 Official thank you note coming soon, but was catching up on your blog and saw my hat here (and in the mailbox today!).

    Happy St. Patty’s Day!

    PS: I only use cloth napkins, so I would say there is no limit to the number a girl needs…especially if they are embroidered or Vera 🙂

  10. love the cupcake!