Cut Yourself a Slice To Go

August 28th


August, I won’t miss you. Let’s be clear — it’s you, not me.  By the time you show up, I’m a cranky mess and by the time you leave, I’m beyond battered. This year you didn’t even bring monsoons. Do you know how much I look forward to those afternoon showers? And this visit  even that was too much, you sticky, miserable beast.

Your older sibling September is really much sweeter. She brings cooler winds on morning runs, a sun that sets a bit quicker and birthdays for the two men in my life I adore most. (And let’s be honest, your sister October is really my favorite for entirely selfish reasons: pumpkins, a hint of autumn, the return of sleeves and socks, and a chance to dress up and eat candy by the handful.)

And so, Ms. August — I bid you, the skyrocketing air conditioning bills, fleeting makeup, running with my Camelpack, getting sick in yoga, watering the garden two times a day, excessive heat warnings and having no mojo to cook real meals all adieu. (Although apparently I have enough energy to pour plenty of whine with my cheese.)

Okay, okay. There was some good:

August 2009

August, this doesn’t let you off the hook. Perhaps one day, when I have a bbq and a pool and a family to enjoy the evenings outdoors with, I’ll reconsider. In the meantime? I’m happy to see you packing your bags. Feel free to leave some rain before you go.


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16 Responses

  1. Rebecca August 28, 2009

    This time I REALLY don’t want August to end. I’ll miss my squishy. . . ;(

  2. September. Bring. It. On. 🙂

  3. Amen!

  4. Tina in Duluth August 28, 2009

    Haha! I have a feeling I’ll be singing that song this time next year!

  5. Juliann August 28, 2009

    Couldn’t have said it better. I’m over the 113.

  6. You write so well. Can’t believe how fast the summer is flying by!!!!

  7. Amen and Adios Agosto. Hey, we had one monsoon or was it 2? The thing I like best about August–late August–is you can see how the quality of the light changes with the sun being lower so it starts to give that little hint of fall even though it doesn’t feel like it. Even now, the nights feel a little cooler. It’s a-comin’.

  8. I’m always ready for September…fall is my favorite time of year. Enjoy the cooler weather.

  9. I’m so with you on that. Fall rocks!

  10. I am with you Kelli. Bring on the Fall Revival. October is so close I can taste it!

  11. I am (so) with you on this August thing.
    Around here, it’s hot, humid, and generally beyond uncomfortable.
    I’m longing for Autumn foliage, cold evenings, hot tea and letting my hair down…and chestnut.
    Love your photo mosaic and everything in it !
    (what about this interview with the Japanese team ? Will I see you on my screen soon ? 😉 )

  12. I hear ya! However, it also means that summer is over and hot as it is, I love, love, love summer. I will miss dear August, but will welcome the cooler cousins of September and October.

    I love the way you work with words. When can we see that new book and what is the title and what is it about? Can’t wait!

  13. Ahh, I’m so excited for the pumpkins!! My roommate Colleen has begun a compost collection to start our own garden…let’s all hold our breath and cross our fingers for the next few months and MAYBE something will sprout. Um, maybe.

  14. I am ready for the warm colors of fall, the cooler temps it brings, the princesses and natmans knocking on my door holding out bags to have filled with candy, the ptomise of the holidays and good times still to come. I love fall and spring the very best. Happy september to you Kelli!

  15. Oh yes, and please pass me a big slice of that chocolate cake.