August 20th

Chevroleg Bag

My friend Chris asked me to make him a Chevroleg bag months ago. I’ve been dragging my feet because it required going to Ikea, which is the equivalent of REI or Costco for me — $100 at a minimum seems to disappear on purchases that really don’t make sense. (2 gallons of shampoo? Really?) Without letting myself get distracted by the pretty fabric or section of plants, I  tucked shopping resolve in my pocket and came out with one of these $.99 blue bags. The plastic is heavy enough that it won’t fray and you can sew it with a regular sewing needle. Yet it is light enough that it makes a perfect cycling bag.

Chevroleg Bag

Chevroleg Bag

On this version, I added a small interior pocket for keys and change, per request.

Chevroleg Bag

Chevroleg Bag

Chevroleg Bag

I used velcro to attach the pocket so he could pull this out when going into a bakery after a long ride. I’ve ridden with Chris before. He’s a great athlete who loves his croissants too.

Chevroleg Bag

And so, you see the humor in lining the bag with a recycled flour sack.

Chevroleg Bag

Also, in contrast to the tutorial, I “splurged” and spent $5 on a clasp and webbing for the handle. We’ll later modify the length to his build and add an additional back strap to balance the weight of the bag.

Chevroleg Bag

I left the front Ikea webbing because it’s perfect for a carabiner key ring.

If you are looking for a couple sources of fabulous creativity, I ran across two lately that I think are bad ass:

1. Larissa’s appliqued messenger bag (thanks Ellen for sending this my way!)


2. This spectacular use of recycling and sewing for the home. How great is this swing? I am going to do this one day for my future backyard.

The beauty of the blog — sharing and inspiring!


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12 Responses

  1. That is awesome Kelli!! I had to laugh at the lining that is so me!I’m guessing the bag is water proof too.

  2. this ROCKS! now i know what to do with my ikea bag!! thanks – once again – for inspiration and always knowing when to brighten a girls day when she needs it! 🙂

  3. This is one of my fave things you’ve posted on here lately. Very cool! And I betcha he gets TONS of people asking where he got it, and also appreciating the humor in the design. Well done Kel.

  4. I love the bag and thanks for the link to the messenger bag. I may make a few of those for Christmas this year.

  5. Very unique

  6. He got it yesterday and is just pleased as can be with it! You can bet he’s been showing it off all day like a school kid showing off a new lunch box. What a great bag!

  7. Way cool. I’ve never been in Ikea.

  8. stupendous!! i just finished a ‘recycled’ project myself. wrote about it on the blog and thought of you!

  9. ps: i can never walk out of IKEA without spending 60 dollars. every time. never fails.

  10. What a great bag. It sounds like it is perfect for your cycling & pastry-loving friend.

  11. hey, thanks for the linkage and the kind words! great IKEA bag! I love going to IKEA. it is wal-mart that I dread.

  12. Hello! I’ve been reading your site for a long time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Porter Texas! Just wanted to tell you keep up the good work!