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March 31st

There are many reasons I am among the throngs who admire Dooce. One of the reasons I read her site regularly is I love her fashion posts. I don’t often agree with her tastes, but I like the way she shares what she likes, what she’s wearing, etc.  You know who else does a great job of this? Kara. Plus I won a fabulous dress on her blog this week. Why yes, that is the most fabulous prize I’ve ever won!

And let’s be honest — y’all loved the shoes. So, what do you think about these earrings?


Fun + shiny.

I like the idea of doing a daily photo for Flickr to encourage myself to shake up what I wear. (I think this would also encourage less shopping.) While I’ve purchased a tiny tripod for this new blog experiment, I have yet to conquer autofocus with the timer.


Autotimer focus fail

Perhaps better luck tomorrow.


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9 Responses

  1. Love the earrings! Matte Gold is my favorite right now….very pretty!

  2. Beautiful!!!!!!! 🙂

  3. You look great. The earrings are cool, Kara rocks, and that was an awesome prize.

  4. Loved those sandals, the color, perfect. These earring, super cute and fun too!

  5. Hee! the picture makes me laugh because i was dealing with the same thing this week. I was trying to take a profile pic of myself in my car. so i parked the car in my street and set up the tripod outside the rolled down passenger window. i then had to press the auto-timer shutter release and run around the car to the other side and jump in and look at the camera and smile. I’m pretty sure my neighbors think i’m nucking futs.

    I dealt with the auto focus problem by opening up my depth of focus to like 10 so it didn’t have to be super specifically focused to catch my face in focus and then when I pushed the half focus button I pointed it at the steering wheel (which is in almost the same plane as my face and kept the button half down while returning the camera to the proper set up.

    I’ve also done it before by setting the camera to manual focus and putting a box where i’d be sitting to set the focus up.

  6. Larissa Stretton April 1, 2011

    Pretty! Pretty!!!

  7. Lovelovelovelove those. If those don’t escape the moving-out-of-AZ purge, they’ll be safe with me 😉

    Thanks for the shout out! Super thrilled that your name came up in my random number drawing. You deserve the dress more than anyone I can imagine!

  8. You won a Shabby Apple dress?!? I’m so jealous.