Day 1

January 22nd

Day 1

This morning I started a 60-day challenge at my Bikram studio. I’ve got 1 class down and 59 days to complete the remainder. I also weighed myself for the first time in months: 168.3.

How’s that for transparency? To be honest, I’ve been staring at these blurry photos, shot in my bathroom this morning bleery eyed before class, and debating whether or not this post crosses some silly line of over-sharing. It probably does. If my white belly bothers you, look away. I’m sure we’ll be back to crafts and baked goods soon.

Day 1

Like most women, I’ve long had a love-hate affair with my figure. Lately, we are on good terms. I don’t mind that my weight is in the 160s or that my belly jiggles a bit when I fold in half like a “japanese ham sandwich.” My legs are strong from running. My shoulders still carry muscle from a dozen years of competitive swimming. My feet are the same gigantic size 11 they were when they stopped growing in 5th grade.

I’d love to tell you I’m doing this challenge because I expect to lose 20 pounds and have some sort of miraculous six pack to emerge from the pasty white mid-section above. I’d also like to have a 5-acre garden to feed unicorns on rainbow-filled days. The unicorns are scheduled to arrive far sooner, carrying George Clooney and a winning lottery ticket.

I will be posting how things are going once a week or so — including weight and flexibility changes. More than anything I want to conquer that ever-so-frustrating treeΒ  toe stand pose and show myself this is a challenge I am strong and dedicated enough to rock.


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  1. I think you are so brave for sharing!

    You must be tall, right?

  2. I should also add that I think you look amazing!

  3. Good luck! I’m almost to my 4 month journey on Weight Watchers AND I just now started working out. I have more energy then ever before….it feels great!
    You will do great rockin’ it!

  4. What belly? Seriously. You have an amazing, strong, athletic, beautiful body. (But kudoz to you for an intense 60-day training. Wish I had that kind of stamina and determiniation. You are in inspiration.)

  5. You are fabulous. Both as you are and for wanting to be more/better/stronger. You go girl!!

  6. I almost wrote about weight today. Maybe I will, eventually. I know this response wasn’t what you were going for, but I think you look fabulous πŸ™‚ Good luck!!

  7. Go Kelly! You must be tall. I’m in the 160s and am 5’9″ … so thinking you must be a bit taller than me πŸ˜‰ My tummy? Not so flat!

  8. Well, I think you look pretty great already! But kudos for wanting to keep working at it. I wish I’d paid more attention to fitness in my 20’s and 30’s….especially the 30’s. Meanwhile, I am walking around with my cane (did I mention I had my hip replacement surgery on the 4th?) and feeling like a blob cause all I can do is a few exercises the physical therapists gave me to do. But I’m looking forward to getting my act together this year!

  9. you are brave and beautiful. go you!!!!

  10. You are so brave for sharing. I think you look great Kelli! But good luck, I can’t wait to hear your updates.

  11. Wow you look great! I think it’s amazing how honest you are being. I wish you luck on your journey, and can’t wait to read your updates.

  12. You look fantastic!

  13. You look beautiful & strong! Just take that 60 day challenge one day at a time…and remember to breathe πŸ™‚

  14. You look great! Looking forward to updates.

    I’m inspired to do some yoga, it really makes me feel great.

  15. Kelli, you look amazing, but as always your post was inspirational and motivational to say the least! Enjoy the 60 day challenge! I am also looking forward to updates.

  16. I could only dream of having a stomach so flat like that! Us women are never happy with what we have are we? You have inspired me to make time for yoga.

  17. I love how brave and honest you are! I too have started changing my lifestyle, being committed to exercise and mostly just wanting to feel good again. THis gives me inspiration to see someone else making changes too. I think you should be very proud! You Look Great! Keep up the good work

  18. OK. Now, I totally admire you. You look great right now. And I suspect you’ll be so in touch with your inner and outer self in 60 days that we’ll get to see an update. Good luck and a little ahankara never hurt anyone.

  19. I think you look awesome! How tall are you?

    I’ve been doing the couch to 5k but I only got it in once this week. I should go do it again today!

  20. Katyrenee January 23, 2010

    You look great! Yoga is so rejuvenating–enjoy it! Can’t wait to celebrate when tree pose is conquored!

  21. You can dooo eeet!!!! Ok, that was my best attempt at cheering. You totally can though and wow are you brave. There is no prize out there that would get me to show my belly publicly (even the money on Biggest Loser…). I find challenges like that are what work best for me though. I pick some physical challenge and ignore the weight. Then feel better when in the end both are better off.

  22. you look beautiful

  23. You look great Kelli. May I add that yoga has made a huge difference for me. I’ve been doing yoga for almost 10 years and when I start slacking off I feel all blahhhhh; low-energy and back pain.

  24. It’s really weird how differently people carry exactly the same amount of weight. (What I’m trying to say is – you look pretty great already! And I would not look like that at that weight.) Anyway, go you! I can’t wait to hear more about how your challenge goes!

  25. mary kay meyer January 24, 2010

    you are a beautiful person – my mom always says ” its what is on the inside that counts.” you have that covered!!

  26. Geez girl! You’re in great shape.

  27. Good luck!!! Though you already seriously look fantastic. Your white-bellied possible over-sharing has inspired me to go public with my ridiculous undie run goal!

  28. Well, you look great! But I think we always wish to do a little better. Thanks for sharing. I used to do yoga, pre-babies and I really miss it. I’ve lost all flexibility but do not have time for classes. Do you know of a really good video series?

  29. Wow, you sure are inspiring and you look great – the fact that you can even do that “ham sandwich” pose says a lot!

  30. Hi hot stuff, you look so great. Bravo for this post!! Best wishes in your fitness plan although I think you’re gorg anyway πŸ™‚

  31. You already look so hot, all that Bikram is going to put you over the top!

    Lots of water all day before your class, less salt (to avoid headaches) and lots of water afterward.

    You’ll be doing Fixed Firm with your back to the floor in no time.

  32. Holy deltoids batman. You are awesome Kelli. Good luck and have fun tomorrow! I’ll be thinking about you! (Sorry been MIA lately–my laptop is on the fritz and I have to wait to steal Mark’s from him when he’s not looking…tee hee…).

  33. I’d be THRILLED with that stomach (and mine’s not too bad, I am just lazy.) Good luck with your other 59 days!

  34. You look awesome as you are!