Dear Jane

Remember that Dear Jane quilt my mom was working on for all of those years? It has been shown at festival and I had a chance to photograph it a bit when I was recently in Texas.

mom\'s quilting


mom\'s quilting

mom\'s quilting


mom\'s quilting

She followed the Dear Jane tradition of keeping a journal with each square — recording what was happening in the world and with our family as she matched and ever so carefully sewed fabrics.

What I didn’t know was her sense of humor is also showcased:

mom\'s quilting

Why are there chickens on the back of this quilt? Oh, because she was a chicken to enter it into the Houston Quilt Fair. She was worried they’d pick it apart and after all those years of work, she wouldn’t be able to handle their critique.

I can’t blame her.

Those sewing judgey bitches be crazy. 

(She entered it in a local competition instead and it placed well.)


mom\'s quilting

Do you see that last line? Over 7000 pieces.


Pretty sure by comparison mine would read “Over 7000 glasses of chardonnay enjoyed.”

This is one of those rare “things” I would lug during the apocalypse. Because my mom’s art — quilting — is her legacy and I am so honored this will one day be mine.




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  1. Such a sentimental post. But peppered with your sense of humor: “Those sewing judgey bitches be crazy.” I’d love to see that one in person.

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