Decapitation May be a Bit Dramatic

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Nudu cap custom order, pumpkin seed granola, wrap skirts for Mother’s Day gifts

My sewing machine broke again this weekend. I think the next time my mom offers to buy me a new machine — which she’s been insisting on for years — I’m not letting my stubbornness stand in the way. I’ve spent considerably more in repair in the last year than the machine cost 10 years ago.  Thankfully Rebecca let me borrow hers this weekend so I could get a few projects completed. Her machine is just different enough that it took me several hours to get the tension right and figure out how it likes to work. In the meantime, I broke a needle, which came flying, hitting me in the throat. That’s right — nearly decapitated by a sewing machine. I screamed in fright, more startled than injured, when Matt comes tearing into the kitchen to see what’s wrong. I’m grabbing my throat, pointing at the machine and trying to explain what just happened. Once we both realized there was no blood, he nearly laid down on the floor he was laughing so hard.

“I didn’t realize sewing was a contact sport.”

Thankfully I’ve got my machine back, running happily, and am nearly done with that giant tote bag order. I am making a promise to myself — as I’ve done here before — that the next time I decide to take on such a large project, I’ll stop to think about it before I just agree wholeheartedly. I often get myself into a time crunch because I agree to do too much. While I love sewing for others, I love sleep more. Yesterday afternoon I realized I had to step away from the chaos I’ve created at home and go for a walk. Two hours later, I’d wandered around Tempe Town Lake, through Papago Park and listened to several podcasts.  Hopefully the promise will stick this time. In the meantime, I’ve got several gifts for friends waiting to be sewn. Madison wants a sunhat. I’m considering this pattern. Delaney wants a “blue and yellow flower sundress.” I’m thinking of modifying the pillowcase pattern and adding ribbon to the shoulders and as a tie around the waist. Then there are a couple surprises up my sleeve for the babies to be born later this month.

And so, I ask the domestic gods to keep the flying needles to a minimum and the caffeine flowing.


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  1. Don’t be ashamed of the near-decapitation shrieking incident – I’ve done the same thing. Well, it’s never hit me in the throat, but I have let out a wicked squawk when it sheared off and flew near my eye.

    So scary this sewing stuff!

    You’re really hittin’ those wrap skirts! I think you must have discovered a secret with those that I did not. Yours look way cuter – nice work 🙂

  2. You finished that giant bag order for the sorority? I don’t how you manage to get it all done! (I guess I may just sit and sleep too much? Hum…) Glad you weren’t decapitated though—Eek. Wear a helmet when sewing? That may be the next cool thing.

  3. I broke a needle recently and it hit me in the eye! It scared me more than it hurt, but I could feel it for a few days. I seriously considered wearing safety glasses, but I figure the odds of a broken needle flying into my eye a second time are pretty low.

  4. OK, I’m ahead of you. I bought you a new machine a year ago…it’s in my walk-in closet just waiting for the green light to come to Arizona.
    It’s a gently used, super duper great machine, and I have one just like it, which is why I was looking for one for you. YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE IT!

  5. Good luck with all your projects you’ve got going on. I’m sure you’ll tackle them all and be done on time. I also hope your sewing machine cooperates (:

  6. I had to laugh when I read this post because I recently broke a needle while quilting and it flew in my eye. I went to have it checked out by my friend who is an opthamologist and when I told him what happened, he couldn’t stop laughing. The next day I found a pair of safety glasses in my mailbox. You’ve been busy. Love your wrap skirts!

    (I just read your mom’s post. Such a good mama!!!)

  7. You put me to shame with all your domesticity! I love to see it in the younger generation.

    Your mom. Wow.

  8. Yikes, we made flower pots for the moms, it was much safer. You’ll have to take a look. I posted them with the artists on my blog. Take care.

  9. Glad that you are okay. I can totally relate to the “just agree wholeheartedly. I often get myself into a time crunch because I agree to do too much.” I’m still waiting to see your version of that lovely Kate Spade dress..


  10. Kelli, wow, nice of your mom! Sounds like a visit is in order.

    And you must be the most gifting person ever. I can’t believe all the stuff you crank out–holy cow!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I guess I didn’t know that flying, broken needles were so common in the sewing world. I never heard anyone say that before and now there are several right here who it happened to. Yikes, whodathought?

  11. The great Frank Sinatra once sang “When bit off more than I could chew”….I guess this is the case with you….

  12. oooohhhh Kelli! I started laughing at the thought of Matt coming in to see your injury! That really must have been something.

    What a nice mom to be thinking about you! I just read through the comments and got really excited for you and your new sewing machine!!

  13. LOL that’s too funny about the needle. I can imagine how it would freak you out! Nothing is worse than trying to work on a project and your machine not working right!

  14. Yikes! Makes me think I need to wear safety glasses while sewing!! ; )
    Love the fabric you’ve used on those skirts, how cute!

  15. Breaking a needle is scary even when it doesn’t hit you! I have no idea how you managed to finish all those tote bags. You must be a very fast sewer!

  16. I’m glad you weren’t hurt so I could laugh at the needle story. Your totes turned out great! I recently agreed to make my friend a levi quilt, forgetting, as I always do, that it is a crazy amount of work. Oh well!
    p.s. Love the coral fabric!

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