December 31st

December 2009

Any month that includes that much time for the beach, family and creativity is one to cherish.


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  1. It looks like a great month to me. Although you’ve been busy in one sense, you’ve also wisely taken the time to be mindful of the special moments and I applaud your approach. For me, I’ve spent the month in slow-mode (especially the last two weeks) despite all the usually hectic holiday preparations. This year I’ve curtailed the frenzy and opted to get more rest which is helping a lot. I’m feeling renewed and will be back into the swing of things next week — a whole new year — but at a slower pace for me.

  2. Eek – I think that squid is going to jump off your web page and get me!

  3. You are such an inspiration! Thanks!

    Just the other night we saw Piestewa Peak on that makeover show with Ty Pennington. He made a house for the family and built a VA center for native Americans. It was very moving!

  4. Cute collage. (What is that on your plate??)