Denver 30: 23

November 23rd

I am a wanna-be cowgirl, minus the cows. Living on a ranch with the wide open space, a few small animals (namely of the fowl and canine variety) and vast horizons that would make Georgia O’keeffe whistle? Sign this reformed city girl up.

Denver 30: 23

It isn’t like Phoenix is without the western influence — but I paid little attention. Like those metal kokopellis on houses of folk you know must be new to town, I never paid a lick of attention to the boot and Wrangler shops in Old Town.

Denver 30: 23

Apparently it took a move to get my inner cowgirl to giddyup. And boy, does she love some boots. And chunky turquoise and silver jewelry. And the “western morality” any cowboy here will gladly share. I blame the wedding this summer in Wyoming for stoking my love of all things western. Stores like Cry Baby Ranch in Larimer Square simply fan the flames. This store is my heaven — a perfect mixture of cowgirl western and Mexican Frida influence.

Denver 30: 23

Yee haw!


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3 Responses

  1. Haha, I’ve never been much into the western stuff here either although I do like me some chunky turquoise and silver, I must say. However, these boots are making me thing of heading to Old Town Scottsdale and taking a look around. I especially like the pair in the first photo with the turquoise accents, they’d look nice with aforementioned turquoise and silver jewelry. Bet they’re awfully pricey, though…

    Have a great Thanksgiving in your new town, boots and all.

  2. I love those boots in the first pic too! I live in Texas, so I think that means I must own at least one pair of good lookin’ boots.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!

  3. Beauties!